SNMP setup for CISCO switches

Hi Experts,

I have some Cisco switches in my network.
Can you show me with some commands how to setup SNMP ?
Lets say errors and link changes should be sent to my SPICEWORKS server and should create an email.
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Well, Spiceworks actually does provide a snmp management and monitoring software (free with Ads). I have not used it, but it's there.


Here are the switch commands for getting snmp and syslog working"


logging trap critical
! (choose how much alerts do you require between 0 - 7. The higher the number the more alerts you will get. On a core switch I would do notifications or warnings. On an access switch I would do critical)

logging origin-id hostname
! (this uses the switch's host name as the source of the alert0

logging facility local6
logging source-interface <"Enter name of the interface to use as the source of the message>
logging <"Enter IP Address of your syslog server">


snmp-server community <Enter your Read-Only community string. Do not use public. This needs to match the setting on the server> RO

snmp-server trap-source < enter an interface as the source of the alert. This helps with recognizing who is sending the alert>

snmp-server location <enter switch's location to help you with the alert>

snmp-server enable traps
snmp-server host < enter ip address of hte snmp server> version 2c <enter same RO community string as before>
spicework does not process snmp traps or syslog (ar least not officially documenting it), so you are out of luck.
And, for SNMP V3 follow these steps:
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Nexus cisco switch tooo...
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
one more question,

you gave me commands for logging and for snmp
Do I need both to enter to my switches ?

I thought just the snmp commands enough ?
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
today evening I start with the snmp and syslog config
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Do I need this command ?

snmp-server trap-source < enter an interface as the source of the alert. This helps with recognizing who is sending the alert>

I don´t understand it !
the logging commands are for a syslog server; if you use that. The snmp commands are for an snmp trap receiver.

The snmp-server trap-source helps with identifying the device sending snmp alarms and messages. On our syslog and snmp receivers we have access-lists that only allow certain IP addresses. This command will help with that. You don't have to use it.
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot
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