WSUS - is it faster?

Hello Experts, I have installed WSUS and have a few questions.
1. Should my "downloads" to the clients be faster?   I have WSUS running and I just setup about 6 workstations and the "download" did not seem any faster while updating Windows 7, etc..  Should it be or do I have the wrong expectation?

2. Do I have to manually update what I accept?  My thought was that WSUS should provide a local copy of all the Windows/Office products that we use and that it would essentially replace my clients going out to the internet and download helping with bandwidth and performance of downloading updates.  I did not expect to have to "approve" all the updates all the time.  Am I missing the purpose of WSUS?        NOTE: I do like the option of being able to manage/control updates but I don't need this now.
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You will still be limited by internal bandwidth. It should be faster but it's not going to be super fast. Plus if all the clients are downloading at once you are still going to run into limited download speed.

In the options of WSUS you can configure automatically approved updates and which type, so you do not have to update them manually.

In GPO you would push out to the computer which server to talk to and when to download and install, if it should wait for the user to say restart, whether it should force them etc...
The beauty of WSUS is not being faster but only downloading once from Windows Updates and then from the WSUS to each of your computers as they become available.  Rather than five computers downloading over the internet from Widows Updates and taking up bandwidth.
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
Internal downloads will be faster than external downloads.

Even with multiple downloads, it will be faster than the content coming over the wan.
tucktechAuthor Commented:
Ok, that makes sense that it is NOT super fast but the bandwidth is limited by external and that multiple stations are downloading all at once, etc..      I will review WSUS setting to see the automatic update.  I have already set the GPO to point to the server and reboot, etc..

Thanks for the feedback.
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