create a vcenter operations manager report for a server disk usage trend

im using VMware virtual centre operations manager 6.0
I would like to be able to produce a report which shows the following
a report showing a server disk space usage over the last 30 days in a graph
I found a template for virtual machine disk and filesystem usage but this only shows a total
it does not show a graph showing how the data size grew over 30 days
also im using a trial so still trying to find out how to use it so any video links would be good
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Uni KittyCommented:
I think what you might be looking for is what custom dashboards can do for you.  There are a lot of blogs available out there about how to do this. This one is for the latest version and has a video attached.
Not strictly VMware but Windows servers have a look at It produces reports on global capacities of servers and also individual servers and drives as well. The tool is completely free and takes about 15 minutes to setup.
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