Gadgets to prevent power switches from being switched off by special-needs teen

I'm not looking for the above which prevents toddlers from putting their fingers into the holes of the power sockets.

Rather my special-needs autist teen likes to go around switching my TV, broadband router & fridge power switches
off : hard to train him not to do it so I'm looking for something/gadgets that will cover these power switches.

For car seat belt, I managed to find something from Amazon which prevents him from releasing his seat belts;  
any item from Amazon & eBay to help with this issue?
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
^^ You can also get the above with a simple lock which means you need a "key" to open it (although the same key fits all of them).  I'm just thinking that autistic teens like problem solving so it won't be long before the  challenge of a cover held just with a clip you press to open will be "cracked".
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
You are correct MASQ

A key is need for this one ...
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Consider the price of a new outlet box with no on/ off switch or you can glue the switch permanently "on"
Also you can leave the switch as is, but disconnect operation by changing the wiring inside the outlet box.
You can probably get these at your local DIY and they are simple to change over (be sure to switch off mains power at your fuse box first)
Buying & installing the low profile box covers is only going to work if the appliances have a flat right angled plug fitted as I am recalling that some will be straight plugs.

LectraLock - Electrical Outlet Cover - Duplex Style - Deep Cover

Unlike the low profile covers the deep covers are clear and he will be able to see something he once liked to play with but is now locked out of.

Is it possible box covers may frustrate him and lead to other actions?

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Found one that is not clear (see through) .... but rather than a screw fastening the cover it has a simple push latch which he may quickly solve and be able to open it.

KidCo Outlet Plug Cover
Additional info. to my first post.

You can change the internal outlet to non-switched:

Wall Plate sold separately:

Hope this helps.

By the way how did the sound proofing of doors etc. that I advised you on (some time back) work out?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
The UK sockets are what's being used at my place.

My autist teen is certainly not smart & the items Eirman/Michael suggests wud work but I'll need to do
some sort of drilling to install those covers?  I'm not too good with drillings really.
No drilling required as the Electrical Outlet Cover box has back edges that sandwiches between the outlets front panel and the wall.
However you have to remove the outlets front panel to fit the Electrical Outlet Cover
UK electrical outlets have two screws holding its front panel to the outlets terminal box which is inside the wall.
Simply unscrew this front panel, fit the Electrical Outlet Cover box and with box access door unlocked and open screw the front panel back on.
The Electrical Outlet Cover box comes with picture guided instructions.

How about my previous suggestions of changing the outlet to non-switched or gluing the switch "ON" permanently or bypassing the switch by changing the wiring inside the outlets terminal box?

( You stated "I'm not too good with drillings really" so I guess that changing the wiring inside the outlets terminal box is not something you want to try?
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