How do I restore a subsite only of a SharePoint 2010 site collection? Can anyone provide a link to a guide? (I'm trying to find directions for someone else because they say it isn't possible)

My organization's SharePoint site permissions were severely altered by our top level organization's SharePoint administrators.  They have attempted to "restore" them by hand copying over permissions from a test server which failed miserably.  We have asked them to do a restore of our site to the previous day's backup, however they say it isn't possible because our site is part of a site collection.  I understand restoring a site collection will restore all the sites in the collection to the restore point, not only ours.  However, I do know that it's possible to restore only our site out of the site collection even if it's restoring the entire site collection to a temp database and exporting only our site to "live" database.  Can anyone give a guide on how to do this so I can provide it to the top level site administrators who say this isn't possible?
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Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Being able to restore subsites from a DB backup is detailed in teh second part of this guide;
bharper00Author Commented:
Thank you very much!  If they are unable to restore our site with that guide and information I had already given them.  They completely fail at their job.
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