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Dear Experts,

I am trying to map a shared folder for some domain users. Already they some shared folders mapped . I tried mapping by using the below link .its not getting mapped. through GP. Don't know why its not getting mapped. If i got to the user computer & use the command :-net use g: \\domain name\share name /persisten:yes  it says network not found with error 53. But if i type from the run in user computer \\domain\shared folder it opens up.  even the logon script is also not working.

Please help.


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Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
Does the domain name\share name have any spaces in it? If so encapsulate it with quotation marks - the command reads a space as the end of the command so if you have \\server\my files the device looks for \\server\my . Adding it as "\\server\my files" allows it to be read properly.


net use g: "\\domain name\share name" /persistent:yes
jct_777Author Commented:
Hi ,

The share file name  has space. may be it is due to that. I will remove the space & check.

Will keep you updated.


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