Sonicwall - Define 2 WAN address objects to same host for failover

We have 2 ISP's configured on X1 and X2 with "ratio" load balancing. All of the WAN address objects are setup with a Public IP in the X1 public IP block. Everything is working fine. Problem is, if X1 goes down, all of our public hosts are down from the internet.

We have DNSMadeEasy setup to failover to a public IP on X2 ISP IP block if the primary is unreachable. So, the last step is to work this out on the Sonicwall (NSA 3500). As it stands now, I have to manually change the IP on the WAN objects pointing to the local hosts to the X2 IP's and back again.

Thanks in advance!
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The Sonicwall can only route outgoing traffic during failover or load balancing.  That is why you are using a public DNS service, but the outside DNS servers and clients will cache their last lookup on their systems for an unknown period of time.  So it won't matter much if DNSMadeEasy updates the DNS records, because each client will refresh their records on their own time.  You can set the TTL on your DNS records to a short time, but I've heard that some DNS servers may use their own setting if it is set to low.

As for outgoing connections, you want to make sure on your NAT polices that you set Interfaces to ANY and on Destination Original, you will probably want to use ALL WAN IP.  This will allow for incoming and outgoing connections on either interface.

And in the Failover & LB section make sure that you have both of your WAN interfaces listed.

MX records were designed with priority, so for mail you can have two MX records with the primary weighted to 10 and the secondary weighted to 20.
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