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My Exchange Server 2007 is telling me that I've surpassed the limit of blocking 800 senders, in the Management Console's Sender Filtering list.  What is the best way to increase that number of blocked senders?
Bruce PollardIT DirectorAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I have never seen a site get to the limit of blocked senders.
If you are using as a spam filtering method, then stop. I can guarantee that if you remove all of those blocked senders from the list you will no difference in the amount of spam you or your users receive.
Blocked senders is designed for persistent senders - such as a disgruntled ex-employee.

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
If you do this from the Exchange Management Shell it should not give you a warning limit.

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Bruce PollardIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Nothing more?  Only that brief cmdlt?
I can continue to use the Command Console to enter new senders that I want blocked?
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Yes use that cmdlet. I did not illustrate all of the parameters.

Bruce PollardIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
This MS article
includes the following excerpt:  “The Sender Filter agent is an anti-spam agent that is enabled on Edge Transport servers. You can use the Sender Filter to block incoming messages from specific individual senders or domains.”

My Sender Filter's Block Senders list on the Exchange server seemed to be working fine, and doing what it was meant to do.  It simply ran out of space.
I have started using our Office 365 filtering for spam/malware blocking.  I am unable to discover a limit for THIS Blocked Senders list, but imagine it to be a much larger number.  I'm not sure why MS recently stopped filtering as much spam as they used to, but I don't have the time or patience to deal with them.
Thank you for your help.
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