Itunnes stopped supporting MS Outlook sync of contacts and calendar - where to get an old itunes .exe version that will still do it?

Shock horror - iTunes doesn't sync with Outlook anymore.  Ive been doing this happily for years and so have my customers. Im using Win7.

How short sighted of Apple.

Anyway .... I have to make this work.

Where can I get an old version of ITunes .exe that does work.  The latest one that did the better.

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Old Version of iTunes
Andrew CalhounSystems EngineerCommented:
feck1Author Commented:
the old version that worked for sure was

Im able to down load the closest match itunes64setup12.1.1 from  which is a version below it so it should work.
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You likely already have the installer for the old version you want on your system, if it's one of the last two or three versions you installed.

Search your machine for iTunes.msi .  There are typically several old versions hanging around in subfolders of the Apple installer directory.  You can fire each of them up and see which version of ITunes it installs.  (Hint: if you know roughly when you originally downloaded and installed that version, take a look at the dates of the various iTunes.msi files.)
"Im able to down load the closest match itunes64setup12.1.1 from  which is a version below it so it should work."

Good Luck
feck1Author Commented:
What version of ITunes stopped supporting Outlook sync.
The version I installed doesn't have it
feck1Author Commented:
Ok my iTunes version is itunes  - it supports Outlook sync but Ive an iphone 4 and customer has iphone 6 ...
Hopefully it will work if I down load that version.
feck1Author Commented:
It didn't work.

From what version of ITunes did they stop supporting Outlook sync?

If I know that, I should know what version of iTunes will work by simply  going below that.

Why do you think iTunes no longer syncs with Outlook?
As far as I know, it still does.
feck1Author Commented:
akahan > Why do you think iTunes no longer syncs with Outlook?
 As far as I know, it still does.  

I and customer connects via USB cable NOT Cloud.

>> Perhaps you are right.
Im not in front of my customers Win PC with his iTunes but I can find "Summary" but "info" which lists Outlook which has "Sync contacts with Outlook" is no where to be found.

Where is the info tab gone ?

Well I did a search and ....

Perhaps Cloud will be the only option to update calendars.

Can anyone sync via a USB cable and see if they can?  It looks like that's the problem.
It works fine for me.

In iTunes, version for the PC, I connect my iPhone via USB, and see, down the left hand side of the screen, Summary, Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Tones, Photos, and Info.

If I select Info, I can Sync contacts with Outlook and Sync calendars with Outlook.

So, I do not understand what is the problem you are having.
feck1Author Commented:
Can you screen cap where the "info" tab is please.
I use 11.2.2 and I know where mine is.

The customer uses a later version of iTunes.

Interested to see where its moved to, because it has moved since my version.

Unfortunately I cant see my customers iphone / laptop / iTunes as its at his office but Iooked everywhere for it.
feck1Author Commented:
heres where my info tab is - see over the red box there towards the top.

your iphone attached via usb right like mine?

You are using an old version of iTunes.
The info tab is now down the left side.

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feck1Author Commented:
Will close this in a minute I got it working thanks.
feck1Author Commented:
ITunes does support outlook sync - I just didn't see the info tab moved.

They moved the furniture.

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