Using flash drive to create Windows 8.1 systems image

I have a Lenovo desktop with W8.1.  Would like to make a Systems Image (File History etc.) to initiate it.  Am trying to use a 128 PNY 3.0 USB flash drive which should be large enough.   It is formatted as a NTFS drive but am getting an error message that indicates that this drive cannot be used for the Systems Image.  Can someone  explain why not and is there a solution?  If I cannot use the W8.1 program for the systems image, is there a free app that will allow easy creation of an image?
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probably the imaging software you are using wants a disk of the same size - or bigger
try imaging with the free paragon :      
that should work !
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
how big is your c: drive and how much is used? is that < 128G?
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
It is essentially a new Lenovo system with very small amounts of data (less than a 1GB).  However, there are several programs installed (maybe 10) which might be another 1GB.  Other than that, it is the OS.  It is a 1TB drive.  I'm confident that a 128GB drive should be sufficient.
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