Small Business Server 2008 migration path to current servers / infrastructure

I have a number of customers on Microsoft Small Business Server 2008.  They do NOT want to migrate to the cloud / Office 365 etc as they have quite high data storage and email requirements and no access to fast internet connections - basically ADSL speed only.

Given Microsoft no longer offer SBS .......What is the the recommended migration path to get them onto current servers and applications i.e. latest Windows Server, Exchange et al ?

Michael Green
Michael GreenSenior IT Consultant / IT Project ManagerAsked:
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Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Agreeing and adding:

Essential Role accommodates 100 or so users, as opposed to the SKU which does 25.  However, the role does require CALs, unlike the SKU.  

I suggest you spend some time reviewing various training sources and do a lab simulation.  This is a fairly large learning curve compared to SBS.  And you can download and test with trial software.  Here is one training source:
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Depends on the client of course, but these days, buy a 2012 R2 license, a Exchange license, necessary CALs, and setup on a single physical server, virtualizing a 2012 R2 install with the Essentials Role installed as your DC and then another virtual server to run Exchange as a NON-DC.

Then you treat everything as a migration as if you weren't using SBS at all. Just don't transfer the FSMO roles until you've moved all the mailboxes and are ready to uninstall Exchange (SBS will give a 21 day grace period before it starts shutting down, but when migrating to a non-SBS class system, you don't have to transfer the FSMO roles until the end).
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you're adding Exchange into the mix at all, then CALs are required... only reason I didn't call out that difference  :-)
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