Trust Center nuisance

I read the EE article Overcome the Trust Center nuisance

That article refers to another article:
Access wiki - Access Help and How-to - Microsoft Office  > AddTrustedLocation

which gives some code that can be run in an AutoExec macro to modify the registry.

My question is, instead of modifying the registry directly, is there another way to indirectly achieve the same result of adding to the list of Trusted Locations, one which doesn't directly modify the registry, and will still work after the version of Office changes?

(Specifically I am interested in Excel spreadsheets which want to pull data from an internal to our company location, but not yet in anyone's Trusted Locations, for our users who are not computer savvy.)
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Well I have been looking at your question and read the articles posted and frankly speaking knowing the way trusted locations works it is surely an issue with the registry


you mention one interesting issue which is:

.. want to pull data from an internal to our company location ...

This lead me to believe that you already have a mapped drive at your company and surely if you are using Excel somehow in the company and saving data on your server so somehow you have a certain location already trusted that is already set in the user's pc's for the company or else you would be having this issue for each and every single file they try to open on the server they would need to add the trusted location.

So say you already have a directory that is common and exist for all users which is

then you would install your setup or what you need under this folder say in a new folder Myproject and as long as it is under MyCompany it would be accessed by users with no sweat.

If I am totally off let me know more of the structure you have then maybe we can find a way out.

The settings are stored in the registry. No way around it.
deleydAuthor Commented:
I'll have to take a closer look at exactly what the problem is next week.
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