Sophos Enterprise Server Update Script

We have Sophos Enterprise server at 8 different sites, now Sophos sometimes doesn't updates its definition, and it needs to be manually updated, for that we have to log on to system, and then do it, wanted to get notification when it gets updated, so I need assistance in setting up a script....which checks everyday if Sophos Enterprise Software is updated, and it should send an email.
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Apparently, the patch uses CScript.exe to execute and hopefully that is not blocked by the Application Control. Most of time those using both Application Control and Patch, we just want to make sure that Microsoft WSH CScript in the Programming/Scripting tool category in the Application control policy is not blocked.

I do not have the script though I understand from console there is email alert that can be set based on event for outdated endpoints per se...I chanced his old SANS paper on Sophos deployment and monitoring, apparently it seems to be stating use case. You may want to to take a look at last few pages stating Appendix C - VBScript to parse report from SAVAdmin, checking for inactive or out of date SAV installations:
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
strange though as this is similar to below and probably script need to read the log on last update, compare the current date and trigger the update or etc..just some thoughts
LeoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but in that link they were not able to resolve the issue, my issue is the doesn't update automatically sometimes, so we have to manually update it from the we need a script, which will send an email that when it was updated last time......
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