Windows Server 8TB drive goes offline at 6.2 TB

Good Morning.

Okay i'm scratching my head at this. I have a Dell R720 server that has a Raid 1 (2 drives) for the OS and then 4-4 TB drives in RAID 5 that I use for my B2D using Backup Exec 2014. I have approximately 8 TB of usable storage.

Everything works well until the backup drive hits 6.2 TB of used storage (leaving 2 TB UN-used). The drive then goes uninitialized, wiping out my backups.

I've updated RAID drivers, etc. etc. and the event log simply refers to a drive is offline.

Frankly I don't even know where to begin to troubleshoot.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Even if a drive was failing, your RAID5 should be kicking in. This really sounds like a RAID controller failure. Check for firmware (not driver) updates. And if that doesn't help, open a support incident with Dell. It may be a bug or it may be failing hardware. Either way, Dell will need to be involved.
MCrowdAuthor Commented:
Drives are fine. I think you may have hit on something -- I upgraded drivers, not the firmware for either the system or the PERC controller. Doing that now and we'll see.
Do you have the specific version of backup exec that you are using BE 2014 sp1 or sp2?

There might be a known issue with the version you are using while backing up.

Do you have any error messages in the BE console? or windows event viewer?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
do you have OMSA installed?
wondering if anything appears in the hardware or controller logs that would explain it
MCrowdAuthor Commented:
Thank You! it was the battery on the RAID Card...
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