Need thought on designing my desktop support lab

Company is moving my office to a different room and Im trying to help design my new room to be a good imaging lab.  I need at least a small work bench area too.
Mark O'BrienDispatch Software Support and Server AdministrationAsked:
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what info do you need?  about the pc's or electronic devices?  or layout of tables?
You can buy ready-made furniture for labs. Basically is a bench with shelves in front, lamps for good light, top of the table is hard, resistant material and enough sockets with power around.
Try “lab furniture” on Google and you will see enough pictures on different sites. Or just search on Google Images.
They are usually expensive. You may try also second-hand, sometimes you get good deals.
If you do not have enough budget to buy ready-made furniture, then you can improvise always something. I did like that and for the moment I am happy with it.
For example, in my lab I have 2 walls with shelves, of strong massive, which are wood 3m long 2.5m height and depth between 30 and 40cm. In front of one shelf I installed one plate of strong wood as a bench and I attached some simple feet. The plate is in the extension of ne 40cm shelf, so I could insert all kind of instruments in the shelves and laying also a bit on the bench, because some are long. IN the back of one shelf, in the middle of the bench I installed one monitor and under the bench a PC which hangs on holder attached by the plate of the bench under. Under the bench in middle of the bench I installed a keyboard slider, so the plate of the bench is free for work and tests. The keyboard and the mouse are wireless, so no troubles with the wires. In top of the shelf in which is the monitor in the back, I installed soldering-de-soldering station and hot air station. In the center-back of the bench of the bench I installed a lamp which can be adjusted in different directions and different levels. In the corner of the bench I have a magnifying glass with an arm which is again adjustable. I have also a strong light, a device made of a transformer high power halogen and some fiber optics with lens which can be focused on spots, again with adjustable arm. I do not know what you really need, but generally for electrical tests you should have at least an isolation transformer. Of course best would be an AC programmable power supply. Then DC power supplies, oscilloscope with different probes, multimeter for bench or at least portable one, power meter or power analyzer, frequency generator and from case to case some other instruments. For example I use a DC load and sometimes would be good to have a spectrum analyzer. Then are a lot of tools which are common for a lot of labs as screwdrivers, pliers, and tweezers, drill, small vise, and small hacksaw. Then you need wires different sizes and types and colors, cleaning sprays, glue, small screws and nuts. If you work with electronics then PCB and breadboards, electronic components.

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Mark O'BrienDispatch Software Support and Server AdministrationAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks guys.  I need to see what my budget is too
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Mark O'BrienDispatch Software Support and Server AdministrationAuthor Commented:
They asked me to fill out this.  So waiting to hear back.

A.      Absolutely necessary.
1.      ESD mat
2.      Both black mountable power strips, mounted.
3.      6 or 8 LAN ports or some other way to organize cabling
4.      Bright work light adjustable/mountable on the table for different areas, levels, and angles.
5.      Mulimeter
B.      Not 100%.
1.      Under desk keyboard slider which frees up desk space
2.      Ready-made desk – small, where I can wrench on a computer on a surface built for light duty to moderate duty computer work.  This will prevent damage to Denver office furniture.  Mounted somewhere in the office where traffic won’t be impeded so that current desks won’t need to be moved.
C.      Nice to have.
1.      Small vice
2.      Small air compressor is always better than canned air but not always feasible.
i would say :
1ESD mat - ok -  but in many occasions, an experiendced tech does not even need it (just touch the ground)
2 power strips - sure
3 - ok depending on how much pc's you need to handle at the same moment
4 - of course : one choice : LED lights -  lots of lumen, low power consumption
5 multimeter - i f you wan tone that accompanies you to retirement, - buy a FLUKE

not sure what you mean with a ready made desk
but i'd like to have the items listed under C also - saves a lot of time

i'd include a 3rd hand :
I would say A. is OK for all.
For B. 1. move it to A. - it just saves you of troubles, when you will have a crowded table in future. The PC attach it under the table with a dedicated support - I did it that way.
For C. - I have them both and are very helpful, but depends what are you working. When I bough the small air compressor I went to my boss with a simple calculation after few months of buying air spray and I told him that in 1 year I spend more money on sprays than the price for a small compressor. I do not keep it under pressure all the time, only when I need it.
Mark O'BrienDispatch Software Support and Server AdministrationAuthor Commented:
ok.  brilliant ideas.  Let me see what they say.
Mark O'BrienDispatch Software Support and Server AdministrationAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.  They ended my contract, so this is all null and void.
Sorry to hear that.
Good luck with a new job.
The life does not end with a job.
i also regret to hear that, it seems it 's not only the lab they moved...
get a new job fast, and come back here  - i'll be around, if alive and kicking
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