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can you suggest any method of transferring files from mainframe to windows server .
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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Don't you have FTP client's and servers on both machines?


no what are the steps needed?
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014

You have to install the FTP programs and then use them to connect between the machines.
Principal Software Engineer
If this is an occasional issue where you are going to transfer a few files, Kermit runs on anything that is capable of running a serial port.

However, Kermit wouldn't be suitable if:

Automatic request service at the mainframe is required
The mainframe is unattended
You want the process automated on a schedule
The files being transferred are large
You want to transfer over a network
The two machines are geographically separated
Top Expert 2014

Although  there is a already accepted answer, I don't believe it is correct and so I'm going to add a few questions and comments for anybody that reviews this question in the future because they have the same issue.

First, which "mainframe"?  Today that I am aware of there is only one company, IBM, that sells computers that are still called "mainframes".

Second, which OS is the mainframe running?  IBM's "mainframes", called SystemZ these days, run one of 4 OS's: z/VSE, z/VM, z/OS and a few different distributions of Linux.  All of which can run and support FTP (server and client), SFTP (server and client), SCP (server and client).

Very few if any IBM mainframes that are still being used today have serial port access.  Serial port access was provided by what were called front end processors (FEP), like the most recent model the IBM 3745, which has been retried from service at least 10 years ago.  FEP's were supported byt z/VSE, z/VM, and z/OS, but I don't think by any Linux distribution.

I'm fairly sure that z/VSE, z/VM, and z/OS don't support emulators like Kermit without special software, which most do not have today and is not offered for sale any more.

If you had a 3270 emulator and you had IBM's 3270 File Transfer Program (a.k.a IND$FILE), you could transfer files that way.

Summary:  Kermit will most likely not work.  FTP, SFTP will.

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