Windows 7 Stuck loading roaming profiles

I am having an issue with loading a roaming profile for a couple of our users including myself. When attempting to move a user to another machine, Windows will get stuck on the "Welcome" loading screen and the loading icon will continue to spin.

I was able to go into Safe-Mode without Networking and was able to load my profile. While in safe-mode I disabled all startup services, applied the changes and restarted the machine. On my second attempt to restart and log into my profile, it stuck at Welcome again.

I then restarted with Safe-Mode Networking and was unable to load my profile. I then went into Safe-Mode, disabled my anti-virus and was still unable to load my profile on reboot.

We run a Windows 2008 r2 server.
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John SalleSenior IT Systems EngineerCommented:
You didn't mention Redirected Folders, only Roaming Profiles so I might be going down the wrong path.

In my experience getting stuck at the "Welcome" screen usually is due to a change in Redirected Folders. When Windows identifies that the Redirected Folders have changed (desktop, documents, or any of them) it will by default try and copy them to the new location. That means if you have 10GB of files on your desktop and you log in with Redir. Folders, it will then try and copy that 10GB to the network location that you have specified in the group policy. This could take a long time to complete depending on the size of the profile trying to copy.
hospicesjAuthor Commented:
How would I go about confirming that this is or is not the issue? I looked at my profile and it consists of less than 1GB of data.
Run the Startup repair, it might fix the issue.
Startup Repair
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hospicesjAuthor Commented:
I am going to give that a shot tomorrow morning. I am also going to attempt removing myself from roaming profiles temporarily until we can get a more permanent answer.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
I am also going to attempt removing myself from roaming profiles temporarily

if you mean Redirected Folders, please use that terminology.. in your profile the only roaming part is c:\users\username\appdata\roaming   local and locallow do not roam from machine to machine.  if you want your personal folders can be redirected to the server as well.
Spike99On-Site IT TechnicianCommented:
Roaming profiles can get to be quite large if you don't also use folder redirection.  We don't use roaming profiles at my current job, but we used it for all users on our terminal servers at my last job.

if you have a look at the "User Shell Folders" key in the user's registry, this is a list of the folders you can redirect.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

One of the problem folders for us in loading roaming profiles and reducing logon times was the "Cookies" folder.  Normally, that folder is part of the roaming profile in this location:

Even though the individual cookies are not large, they can accumulate very quickly & can number in the 1000s (I've seen more than 20,000 cookies in that folder).  Although we did redirect "Cookies" to the user's H: drive (H:\Cookies) for some of our customers, the guys who set up our environment weren't consistent.  So, several of our customers didn't have the cookies folder redirected & that would cause very long log on times for some users.

So, when looking at the contents of the roaming profile, I wouldn't just look at the size of the folder, I would also look at the number of folders and files. Even though cookies are very small, if the server & PC are trying to synchronize 10,000 or more files, it's going to significantly delay log on.

So, here are the folders we redirected to the user's H: drive to reduce profile size:
AppData (we did this because some of the apps our customers used copied very large files to AppData, which we wanted in a fixed, central location & not on the terminal servers)
Personal (or the documents folder)

We redirected these folders to a central location for all users to standardize desktop & start menu icons:
Start Menu

Even though I argued for redirecting cookies for those 2 or 3 customers that didn't have that, they decided not to change that setting. So, to help users remove the files in their cookies folder, I created a batch file that would delete the cookies in their local & roaming profile folders.  I think that was something like this:

del /f /s /q "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\*.*"
del /f /s/ /q \\server_name\profile_share\%username%\Appdata\Microsoft\Windows\COOKIES\*.*

We used custom templates or ADM files to configure folder redirection using Group Policy.  Google that & you'll find a bunch of custom ADM files online.

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