Simple Reliable Cloud Storage??

Hi all -
We want to share a few (5 or 6) Word documents between a few employees (like 3 or 4 people) that have both Mac & Windows PC's.
So of course some kind of 3rd party Cloud Storage that Syncs/Shares comes to mind.
Trouble is, we are not having very good luck.
We've tried:
* Box.Com and - Having data integrity issues that (I think) is related to slow syncing and/or multiple uses making changes
* Google Drive - The interface is a bit clunky for us to be using it constantly. Though if the editing online works, and there is no "Syncing" to worry about, that may work
* Apple iCloud - Works OK on Mac ... have not tried to us it for Word DOCS on Windows
Does anyone have any feedback or recommendations?
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Cubby is free for 5GB then pay for larger plans.

Onedrive may fit your needs but Cubby is my recommendation.

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Although Onedrive is a Microsoft product, official apps are available for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Another is ownCloud Enterprise Edition
Nathan HawkinsTechnical Lead - Network SecurityCommented:
I am not nor ever will be a fan of "Cloud Services". Quite simply Cloud Services just gives the "Total Hype" vibe to me...

Rather than using Cloud based services... For the sake of <insert anything holy here> dont you use regular good ole fashioned FTP? If yer interested in encryption then use WinSCP (uses SSH to encrypt logon and data transfer) meaning you will need an SSH daemon for the server but about as big of a deal as FTP is...

That way yer data isnt hanging on some cloud based infrastructure - its hanging around on YOUR infrastructure AND guess what? You wont have intergrity issues or any of the issues you are currently having...

Just a word of advice... Dont use the regular port 21/22... For the sake of <insert anything holy here> Change the default port to something like 2100 or 2200... Trust me... You will have all the security you will require at that point!
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
ownCloud community edition is also very good for smaller environments. I currently support over 100 Users with the free community edition. Also, as stated above, ownCloud Enterprise is an option for a paid, hosted solution.

- Free
- HTTPS (if desired)
- Has a module to lock a file so if someone is making an edit no one else can make an edit (resolves one of your major issues)
- Runs on a Windows or Linux platform residing on your OWN network! Not an off-site hosted solution.
- IOS/ Android App ($1)
- Did I mention FREE?!

Only takes about 3-5 hours for the average techie to install and get running. Then you can re-brand the installation to meet your aesthetic needs.
Branding ownCloud Article On EE
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