Shadow has caused a general protect fault in module ~TMP????.exe at 0001:2964

I am trying to install an old program on my xp laptop.  Managing Your Money 2.0 for Windows was installed on my desktop that died. I've copied the old floppy disk to my usb drive, then copied them to c:\temp.  Running the setup.exe file on disk1 starts a scan for prior installations of the program.  During the scan, the error message:"Shadow has caused a general protect fault in module ~TMP????.exe at 0001:2964."  The ???? changes each time I try to do the install, but the address stays the same.  The only txt file on the install desk says to turn off virus protection, and that it runs an intermediate file function using temporary storage specified by the set Temp command in autoexec.bat file.  Says it needs 1MB of space for the scan.  The drive has lots of space.  I did modify the startup to run the autoexec.bat file and put "set temp=c:\temp.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
1) Did you create the C:\Temp folder; you need to and then reboot.
2) All of the hits for MYM 2.0 are from 1986 which would make it an MS-Dos program.  Is that it and/or what is the copyright date from the diskettes?
wineybob18Author Commented:
Yes, I created the temp folder. The program started out as a MS-DOS program.  The last release was MYM 2.0 for windows.  Then they folded up shop.  There's an old MYMDOS forum here: but they don't have anything for the windows versions.
wineybob18Author Commented:
The MYMDOS forum has a link to a Compuserve forum with some MYM windows version users.  (Compuserve, boy that brings back some old memories.  Can't remember my numeric username.)  I've posted my question there too.
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Heck, I started fixing this stuff in 1976 and MS-Dos is new stuff which, ironically, is still useful when they've really screwed Windows up!
Apparently, you can't install MYM under XP; but, rather need to copy the folder from the old PC to make it work.  What happened to the old PC?
wineybob18Author Commented:
Had a Raid 0 array and one of the drives died.  I had a back up of the entire array, but I didn't think I can just copy the program folder over to my XP laptop without using the setup program.  I originally installed the program on the desktop using the disks.  The desktop was running XP Media Center edition.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Since you say it installed originally, did you create separate folders for each diskette on the USB drive (i.e.disk1, disk2, etc.)?
And, did you get any errors copying the diskettes?
In that era, many programs were copy protected so that they could not be diskcopied and passed around, usually on disk 1.  You don't have any way to connect a floppy drive to that PC?

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wineybob18Author Commented:
Thanks for this suggestion.  I ordered a USB Floppy Disk Drive and used the original program floppies to get it installed.
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