Best options for downloading large files 2 to 16GB

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I have to have users download large files (2 to 16GB) through the network. I am looking for options to do this successfully. Some of my issues are that the downloads errors during the download process and or get corrupt. The file is a large application install.

I have been trying WINRAR with success but do not to have to force users download multiple files.


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is this on a wired network ? and what is the download speed?
barelysaneAuthor Commented:
It is both,  wired running 100MB and wireless G.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
100 mb networks are relatively slow nowadays.
Still, splitting the files into manageable chunks with winrar should have worked.
It must be a busy network.

Have you considered copying the large installation files to a flash drive (formatted as NTFS).
Then insert it into each PC that need the files and copy them.
This way, you are bypassing the network.
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One option is to script a BITS transfer using PowerShell.  I'm going to assume no knowledge of BITS.  Skip this if you are familiar:

Descriptions of powershell BITS cmdlets with some flow discussion:

With descriptions and sample code on MSDN:

Another option is to download to one PC on a network, and then use that PC as the source so you aren't saturating a main network link.
Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
What about using FTP? A number of FTP clients can resume stopped/interrupted downloads these days and we find it tends to be a better option for transfering large (2GB+) files around devices/site over WAN links.
barelysaneAuthor Commented:
Have considered it, but FTP is a bandwidth hog and would slow down the network.
What are you using for a management platform (if any)?  Delivering it via that method you might be able to utilize the built-in throttling, since most I've worked with give some sort of functionality.  There are hardware solutions (like Cisco's WAAS) if you have the budget for it.  How many endpoints is this going to?  Are they all downloading at once, or is this being staged to cover a % of the population at one time?
are the users downloading at the same time, or can you split them up (by scripting or such) ?
barelysaneAuthor Commented:
Users can download anytime they need to, but the majority download within the same 2 week window. During that time there could be 100 downloads.
barelysaneAuthor Commented:
BITS a sounds interesting. I will run a test with it.
i wuld script the downloads in consecutive batches - to avoid simultanous downloads from more than 1 user

that way, you can use the max bandwith
barelysaneAuthor Commented:
Testing multiple solutions but in the end using a hosted website and download manager seemed to be the best answer.

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barelysaneAuthor Commented:
Other solutions required either the computer to be on the domain or have some kind of login. We added the password to the file after download. This allowed us to share with the world via the download manager.
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