Save data in dll

I am trying to make a resource only dll, load its data, modify it in runtime, finally save it back in dll.

What I've managed so far is:
I made a file abcDLL.rc with content:
  nickname RCDATA abcData.txt
(file abcData.txt contains some ascii data)

I compiled it with: brcc32 abcDLL.rc
Produced: abcDLL.RES

I created DLLtest.dpr as resource only dll (code follows) and compiled:

library DLLtest;
  SysUtils, Classes;
{$R abcDLL.RES}

I added a button to load ascii data from dll into a TMemo. It works fine.
procedure TForm1.btLoadRCClick(Sender: TObject);
  h : THandle;
  RS: TResourceStream;
  h := LoadLibrary ('DLLtest.DLL');
  if h <> 0 then
    RS := TResourceStream.Create (h, 'nickname', RT_RCDATA);
    Memo1.Lines.LoadFromStream (RS);
  FreeLibrary (h);

Then, during runtime the user modifies text in Memo1.
The question is how could I save new content of Memo1 to DLLtest.dll?
I tried the following code. Could anyone complete it?

procedure TForm1.btSaveRCClick(Sender: TObject); // Click button
  h : THandle;
  RS: TResourceStream;
// Save new text in dll
  RS := TResourceStream.Create (h, PChar ('nickname'), RT_RCDATA);
  // Error: Resource "nickname" not found
  // RS.... need to load Memo1.Lines to RS. How?
  RS.SaveToFile ( 'DLLtest.DLL');
  // Will it work? Do I need the analogous of   h := LoadLibrary ('DLLtest.DLL'); ?

I use D6

Thank you for your assistance
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That's not possible. You could use ini file, simple DB (SQLite?) or other alternative solution.

This will not work:
RS.SaveToFile ( 'DLLtest.DLL');

SaveToFile might create a file called DLLtest.DLL, but that will never be a new generated DLL with the updated text.

You get the text resource in RS from the DLL, that you load by handle:
    RS := TResourceStream.Create (h, 'nickname', RT_RCDATA);
    Memo1.Lines.LoadFromStream (RS);

Calling RS.SaveToFile does not make any sense.

Compiled DLL is wrapped around the included resources, you can not inject the text afterward.
Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
you can use function like this:
function WriteTextToRes(sDllFile: String; sTextToWrite: String): Boolean;
  hResourceHandle: Cardinal;
  hResourceHandle := BeginUpdateResource(PChar(sDllFile), True);
    Result := UpdateResource(hResourceHandle, RT_RCDATA, 'nickname', LANG_NEUTRAL, PChar(sTextToWrite), Length(sTextToWrite));
    EndUpdateResource(hResourceHandle, False);

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note: dll file must not be in use (opened)

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nikifAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot

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