switching image colours

I have images for which I want to change all reds (RGB{255,0,0}) to blues (RGB{0,0,255}) USING RGB VALUES. Which Windows plugin for Photoshop or any other image editor would allow me to do that as simply, please? Color Correct from what was Imaging Factory did that but it is no longer safely available.
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
In Photoshop ....
Image > Adjustments > Replace Color ....

You don't have RGB selection. Would that do what you need?
jonesseTreasurerAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I will try that over the weekend but I've not had it work before ... that I can recall!

EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
If you play with the fuzziness control it works fairly well, especially where there are high contrasts.

I'll see if I can find a better solution.
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David BruggeCommented:

It Eirman's suggestion doesn't work for you, be sure to let us know what sort of troubles you are having and we will work you through it. It might even help to send us a screen grab if things don't work the way that you would like.
jonesseTreasurerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I looked at it just now in CS6 and Elements 10 (which is virtually the same) and I couldn't get it to work, using RGB values. If you look at the attached JPG, the background color is {250, 250, 250} as nearest, which I want to transform to {51, 102,255}. It just doesn't get anywhere near there. Although I have found a copy of Color Correct, I'm running 64-bit Windows so it doesn't work (I think that is why). Any ideas, please? Ta again

David BruggeCommented:
Yes, I see. Replace color does not work well in situations where there is no hue.
The image that you uploaded does indeed have a color of rgb(250,250,250) over most of its background however you have quite a few jpeg artifacts around the edges of the characters that you will have to deal with. Look especially in the areas between the baby bear and the other characters.

You also have the characters standing on a gradient shadow that blends from black into the background color as does the butt of the gunstock.

There are several ways you can go about this, each one with its own set of problems.

The first is using a paint brush and paint the background the correct shade of blue. When you get to the gradient areas, you can simply paint over them. This takes a steady hand, and patience, and you end up without any shadow under the figures.

The second way is to select the white area using the any number of methods such as the magic wand tool or the quick select tool. Good luck. These tools work great on nice smooth graphics with hard edges. Images with gradients and jpeg noise make them hard to work with.

A third way is to use a layer mask.
Put your image on a second layer and make the background layer solid blue. Then change the blending mode of your image layer to darken. this will make the white disappear and the blue show through. Unfortunately, the blue will show through a lot of other areas as well.

With your image layer active in the layers palette, click the mask icon at the bottom of the palette. This will make a thumbnail of a mask next to the image thumbnail. With the mask thumbnail active, paint black on your image where you don't want the blue to show through. Basicly, everything inside the edges of your image except for the drop shadow.

If you accidently go outside the lines and paint into an area that you didn't intend to mask, simply press the X key to switch your active color from black to white and paint away the mistakes.

None are without work. Perhaps another expert can suggest an easier way.

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jonesseTreasurerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, everyone. In the end, because I don't have anything like the motor control needed, I have used a simple program called "Photo Toolbox" (URL below), which costs £25 and to which I have no connection other than as a satisfied customer. Using a simple slider, I was able to change the background colour to very near where I want to be which is {31, 102, 255}. Now I shall just change the web page background colour to match and that will be fine. However, I'm grateful to all of you and I would like to allocate half-points to everyone; how can I do that, please?


EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
I would like to allocate half-points to everyone
If give a Grade C, the points are halved as the multiplier is reduced from 4 for A   to  3 for B    to    2 for C.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Noted David.
jonesseTreasurerAuthor Commented:
Thank you all, my apologies for not getting back earlier, I was engrossed with the rest of the problem. In the end, I decided to leave the image as it was and add a small bit of text in the main background colour.

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