Accessing variables instantiated by parent usercontrol

I have a form and 2 usercontrols
The form is just a container for the main user control.
The main usercontrol is basically just a tab control
In the codebehind for that usercontrol I have newed up a class
called DTOV  - so in this class I have  public UserControls.SureFire.Helpers.DTOV dtov = new Helpers.DTOV();
and I have a variable in that class called
public int IHaveUnclaimed {get;set;}
In the Main usercontrol I have set that variable with a value and I want to access it in a child user control that is on a tab in the main usercontrol - how can I do that.  - I want to be able to access dtov.IHaveunclaimed
Is that possible?
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Bob LearnedCommented:
You have tags for Winforms, but the description sounds like a web site issue, so I am confused.  The proper solution depends on the answer.
r3nderAuthor Commented:
Bob LearnedCommented:
1) Is there a reason to split up the form into separate controls?  In my opinion, that just creates a level of complexity, and makes it more difficult to maintain the code.

2) You would need to get a reference to the parent control, in order to access the property.  You should be able to do that with the Parent property (it's been a while since I have worked with Windows Forms).
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r3nderAuthor Commented:
I tried Form parent = (Form) this.parent;
but that didny wprk
parent was null (event though it is just a usercontrol and not a form)
Bob LearnedCommented:
How are you adding the user control to the form?  You might need to set Parent explicitly.
r3nderAuthor Commented:
forms.Popup pu = new popup();
Usercontrols.MyUsercontrol uc = new MyUsercontrol();
pu.Width = uc.width;
pu.Height = uc.height;
ou.text = "My Title";
Bob LearnedCommented:
Try adding this line:

uc.Parent = pu;

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r3nderAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bob
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