Dynamic Hyperlink in Access 2013

I have a report in access that displays some help desk tickets. I would like to click a link in that report that will take me to that ticket on a webpage.  I want the link to refer to that specific ticket.  So the format is http://server/tickets/id

I would like a link that fills in the id for me. I have that id in my database as tickets.id. I can display the ID on the report but can not make it clickable to the correct ticket. I was hoping I could do something like http://server/tickets/[tickets.id] but no luck. The hyperlink builder does not seem to have this option. Is there a way for me to use tickets.id in the paths setting on the hyperlink builder?

or any other options?
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Don't use a hyperlink data type.  

In the click event of the control (you can make it look like a hyperlink) use the FollowHyperlink method to open the link.

strinput = "http://server/tickets/" & Me.ID

Application.FollowHyperlink strInput, , True

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BiofilmincAuthor Commented:
Not sure what you mean. I do not see anything related to FollowHyperlink on the click event.
BiofilmincAuthor Commented:
Ahh VB. I got it now
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BiofilmincAuthor Commented:
when I add  "& tickets.ID" I get the error

Run-time error '424'

Object required.

Without & tickets.ID  I get a page to open, just not the correct page
BiofilmincAuthor Commented:
Me.ID is not working either

If I use Me.description I get the description.

I am going to start this report from scratch now that I know about followhyperlink
BiofilmincAuthor Commented:
I recreated the report and still get errors when trying to use the id. VBA shows me the id field when I start to type Me. Not sure why it won't work.

I tried setting tickets.id AS TICKETS_ID and using ME.TICKETS_ID. VBA brings up TICKETS_ID when I type Me.

Now I get the error:

Microsoft Access can't find the field "Tickets_ID' referenced in your expression"
Is Tickets_ID in the RecordSource for the report?
You might have to bind it to a hidden control in the detail section.  Access is smarter than we are and takes it upon itself to rewrite the query for the report's RecordSource and it eliminates any column not bound to a control because it thinks it is not being used.
BiofilmincAuthor Commented:
I found that I had to include the id on the report somewhere. Then I am able to use Me.id
BiofilmincAuthor Commented:
Got this working
See, Access isn't as smart as it thinks it is!  You beat it!
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