SQL Query:

Does anyone know how to write query to get totals of each group and their percentage. Below is the example. Ct is count, Per is percentage, Pri is priority level Thanks a lot!

Region      Ct_Tkts       Per_Region   ct_prior_3          ct_prio_2      Per_Prio_3                Percentage_Priority_2      

N.Amer      1000          20%                 500                       500                       10%                                          10%
S.Amer      1000 20%      1000      300 20%      5%      
Asia      500      10%      
Europe      5000 50%

This is what i tried, i keep getting errors!!

select REGION,COUNT(*) as TotalCount,
(COUNT(*) * 1.0) / SUM(COUNT(*)) over() as Percent
FROM [Xyz] h
[ABC] p
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Oracle or SQL Server?

In Oracle I would use an inline view to get the counts.  Then you can do whatever you want with them in the outside query.

Something like this:
select total_count, region_count/total_count
   select region, count(*), count(*) over() total_count from sometable

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Not sure if SQL Server allows inline views or not.
Tulip_23Author Commented:
Hi, thanks for response. I am using BigQuery and tried below

select p.service_region,total_count, count(*)/total_count
   select p.service_region, count(*), count(*) over() total_count from [XYZ] p
group by p.service_region , total_count

I get the error below
Error: SELECT clause has mix of aggregations 'f0_' and fields 'p.service_region' without GROUP BY clause
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Never heard of BigQuery.  Can only comment on Oracle syntax but what you posted has issues that I would expect across and SQL platform.

I missed the group by.  It should be on the inner query.

select total_count, region_count/total_count
   select region, count(*), count(*) over() total_count from sometable group by region

Also, if you alias the table on the inner query, you cannot reference it in the outer query.
Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
For CTE solution, try
;With CTE_1
Select Region
        ,  Sum(Ct_Tkts) As Region_Ct_Tkts
From #t
WHERE Region= 'N.Amer'
Group By region),    -- if Region is unque, delete Group By
Select   Sum(Ct_Tkts) As total_Ct_Tkts
From #t
Select region
         , Region_Ct_Tkts As Denominator
        , total_Ct_Tkts As Numerator
         , cast((Select Region_Ct_Tkts From CTE_1) * 100.0 / total_Ct_Tkts as decimal(10,2))  AS Percentage
From CTE_1, CTE_2

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region    Region_Ct_Tkts     total_Ct_Tkts          Percent
N.Amer      1000                       7500                       13.33

With this test data:
create table #t(Region varchar(15)
              , Ct_Tkts int
			  , Per_Region decimal(4,2)
			  , ct_prior_3 int
			  , ct_prio_2 int
			  , Per_Prio_3 decimal(4,2)
			  , Percentage_Priority_2 decimal(4,2))      
Insert #t(Region, Ct_Tkts, Per_Region, ct_prior_3, ct_prio_2, Per_Prio_3, Percentage_Priority_2) values 
('N.Amer', 1000, 0.2, 500, 500, 0.1, 0.1)
, ('S.Amer', 1000, 0.2, 1000, 300, 0.2, 0.05)
, ('Asia', 500, 0.1, null, null, null, null)
, ('Europe', 5000, 0.5, null, null, null, null)

select * From #t;

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In the above code only Region   and Ct_Tkts are used.
Region   Ct_Tkts   Per_Region    ct_prior_3    ct_prio_2    Per_Prio_3    Percentage_Priority_2
N.Amer	 1000	   0.20 	 500	        500	        0.10	       0.10
S.Amer	 1000	   0.20	         1000	        300	        0.20	       0.05
Asia	 500	   0.10	         NULL	       NULL	         NULL	       NULL
Europe	 5000	   0.50	         NULL          NULL 	       NULL	   NULL

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