Airport Express bridge functionality

Hi, I have a client who wants me to work on their Airport Express and networking equipment.  He most likely wants me to extend the length of the network wirelessly.  I setup one of these airport express at my house and had all sorts of difficulty because the device was pretty fickle on what it could or could not do.  Simply remembering the LAN port was difficult in itself because they don't label it.

Anyway, I digress.  This guy has an airport with integrated time machine hanging off his network that I don't believe is in passive mode.  He has a linksys router at the (hooked up to TWC modem) point of entry.  That right there is going to cause some problems because I know Linksys doesn't play nice with Apple networking when using something like Airplay.  I finally swapped out the Linksys router at home for a Netgear router.  Airplay on my Airport Express finally worked after that debacle.  

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe his best setup would be is to eliminate the Linksys and setup the Airport/Time Machine router in it's place.  Then have airport express units set in bridge mode with them plugged into the ethernet drops through his large house and turn on their WiFi to extend the length of the WiFi network.   Yeah?  Also, can you bridge an Airport to Airport express wirelessly and still broadcast as an AP?
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Sounds like he has a time capsule. In any case, either the TC or the Airport Express will work fine in bridge mode. There is a setting in the Airport Utility to use bridge mode.

I have the very same setup. Modem to Linksys router. Linksys router connected by ethernet to WAN port of Airport Time capsule which is set to bridge mode.
Airport hardware is not able to provide both AP and client mode at the same time.
If you rell product names past "Linksys that sucks" and Netgear that plays nice" maybe one of them can do WDS
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You can in fact use Airport Expresses to wirelessly extend the network from an Airport Time Capsule or Airport Extreme. See this Apple KB:
They use same channel and time sharing...
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
Strung, I used LAN port to connect when I setup my Airplay on my AIrport Express.   Are you suggesting connecting to the WAN port for bridge mode?   Which port (WAN or LAN) do I use for initial setup of bridge mode?
LAN port allows administration, WAN is for the internet connection.
Connect the LAN port of the LinkSys to the WAN port of the Apple, then set the Apple to Bridge Mode.
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
Sounds like gheist is saying LAN port for configuration while strung is say WAN.  It makes sense to me that Linksys would connect to the LAN not WAN of the Apple Express for basic configuration including setting up the "bridge mode"
No. Connect the LAN port of the Linksys to the WAN port of the Apple Airport Extreme or Time Capsule and set the Airport to Bridge Mode. Do NOT connect to the Airport LAN port.
Just to clarify. Connect your computer by ethernet directly to the LAN port of the AE (and turn off wifi) to configure the AE using the Airport Utility . But once you have configure the AE to bridge mode, the WAN port of the AE needs to be connected to one of the LAN ports of the Linksys.

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snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
Ok, that helps a lot.  Thanks!
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