how to record on dvd recorder from a receiver

I have a receiver which provides only HDMI output, and a dvd recorder which accepts only RCA input, How to record on the DVD recorder from signals obtained from the receiver.

I already bought a conversion box (HDMI to RCA), which works fine from DVD to the DVD recordser, however, when connecting the receiver using it, it shows the picture, but not the sound.

I tried the HDMI to RCA cable, but it does not transfer any signal... any solution?

I am thinking of another solution, Can I input the receiver HDMI output to HDMI input in the computer, and use a software to record?. And what is this software, and is there a video card which accepts this input to use with the application?
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This is suppose to handle the audio too,

I haven't used this device, but according to the reviews and specs it should be a solution.

You could use something like this to get to the computer from the hdmi converter,

For a few more dollars you can get an HDMI input (this is the best option),
fmichailAuthor Commented:

I got a device like the one in the first link, and I connected its HDMI side to DVD player output, and I connected its RCA side to a DVD recorder, The recorder recorder successfully what was played in the player


When I connect HDMI side to the output of a receiver (working on the internet) and the RCA side to the DVD Recorder, only picture is captured and no audio

Is there a difference between the HDMI output from a receiver, and the HDMI output from a receiver? Why it does work from the DVD player, and not from the receiver... Am I missing something?
If it is not too private, could you post here the model/type of your receiver, recorder and the conversion box (HDMI to RCA)?
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fmichailAuthor Commented:
Hi wiki2000

My receiver is MAG250 (one HDMI output, and one USB port (could not record on it), and one power input
My converter is Mini HDMI2AV converter.
I have couple of points that may help, I am using the USB from USB source to feed the converter (versus using USB from a separate power input, this may not provide enough power to handle the audio???. I do not know.

One of my friends told me on the phone today that I need to check the setup of sound in the receiver, it may not be providing audio that can be split from the HDMI by the converter.... well I did not understand, as the receiver is already providing good audio signal if the HDMI is inserted as TV input, so what is the point. I appreciate your help. Thanks
fmichailAuthor Commented:
I managed recording by using a different HDMI converter, and the seller told me you have to get a converter which has sound circuit in it. This is the key to the solution. Thanks you all for the help.
From my own experience DVD Players/recorders have a propriety port, as in where you plug it in to must be a DVD compliant socket otherwise it wont record right.
If you could set up your system so that the TV connects to your receiver ( which plays the DVD??
 and connect this DVD recorder to the TV socket rca  > video in then it should record whatever you see on your TV.
fmichailAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete

As I indicated, I got the problem already solved by buying a new HDMI converter which contains a sound circuit on it. It is working fine for now.

Regarding your suggestion to provide the input to DVD recordder from the TV output, I do not have rca OR HDMI output on the TV. Thanks for replying.

I would recommend closing the question, however, I do not know how todo that.

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Thankyou fmichail, to close your question you can accept multiple responses or accept your own comment if that was the solution and no one had offered it.
If it helps you
I answered my own question. How do I close the question?
I answered my own question with help. How do I close the question? 
How do I accept a comment as my solution?
FYI there is these Universal Video RF Modulator

Glad to know you resolved it. :)
fmichailAuthor Commented:
I never knew that the HDMI converters  are not all alike, a technician told me that I need to have a converter which has an audio circuit in it and it was about $60. That worked for me.
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