Blocking Explicit Content in Image Search

We have a pretty good system set up for filtering adult content; however, some people are still finding their way through our filter and into the seedy side of the internet. I believe they are doing this through image searches and thumbnails.

I would like to filter explicit image search results for our entire network. Our laptops especially (we're a public library; those that browse adult content tend to favor using the laptops). I had planned on just manually doing this inside of Chrome but noticed that the Safesearch lock is user account dependent. I'd like to keep that locked down even if someone logs into it with their gmail address. Is there a way to do this? Or maybe a better way to do it network-wide? We have a Fortigate firewall/filter in place.
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
one way is to use opendns as your dns forwarder and in the admin panel add the restrictions you want.

If your users when connecting to your network do they 'agree' to a terms of use policy?  Frequent violators can have their MAC address blocked in the DHCP server.
What if you install on each laptop a protection software for adult contents.
For example I have home a free good one:
It blocks image contents when is inappropriate.
But I see that you can purchase a license to use K9 Web Protection for business.
Geraldine HuntMarketing Project ManagerCommented:
Hi Wesley,
With the WebTitan content filter what you can do is  enforce Safe Search on a variety of different search engines, bing,, google, yahoo. This will block adult images from showing up in thumbnails during searches.

If you'd like more information on WebTitan please let me know.

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Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
I'd prefer to do something inside the Fortigate if possible; we'd have to get a purchased budgeted for & approved for anything else. There's a "force safe search" option inside of our unit (200D), but it appears to not be working. I enabled that the other day and was able to search freely afterward.

I did use K9 at my previous library and liked it a lot.
Wesley JohnsonIT AssistantAuthor Commented:
As mentioned, we're a public library, so Chrome's user profile feature really complicates maintaining our public use computers. I recently blasted through a good portion of ours and added a plugin that would erase patron details left in Chrome. I've found that not many people remember to sign out or un-check the "remember my information" boxes. The user profile stuff also makes locking safe search difficult.

When I do lock it, I have to sign in as myself. This means my information stays in the browser, aside from the password. If a patron goes back to Google after I do this, my email address will be in the box. I can circumvent this but "Wesley" is still in the top, left-hand corner of the browser. Removing that will negate the aforementioned locking of safe search. As much as I love Chrome, this is making me rethink adding it to our stable of programs.

Is there a way to strip the profile stuff out of Chrome?
Hello Wesley,

You might have forgotten to enable the https inspection. Have a look on their article

Good Luck!

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