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I have networked my Office Jet 8600 printer and shared it for others on the network. When I attempt to scan from one machine (Windows 7). I am attempting to assign two computers to the SCAN to Computer . Only one printer appears. I am then directed to - Open the HP printer software, Select Scanner Actions to Manage Scanner to Computer. I can't locate the 'Open HP Printer Software
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have that printer.  Look in

"C:\Program Files\HP\HP Officejet Pro 8610\Bin\HP Officejet

for the executable to run the HP Printer Software. It has the scanner function in there. I use it a lot.

If you have difficulties, uninstall the printer software (all the HP printer and scan devices), restart the computer and reinstall the software. You can download the HP 8600 software from HP
"I have networked my Office Jet 8600 printer and shared it for others on the network."

What exactly does that mean, how have you connected the printer to the LAN, and how have you shared it? Is it connected directly to the LAN using the Printer's built-in NIC, or are you sharing it via another PC/Server to which the printer is connected?

If you have shared it via a PC, then you can only share it's printing functions, and not also the scanner. If you want to use all the functions of the MFP, it must be connected directly to the LAN with it's built-in NIC, and then install the full software suite for that printer on all your PC's. Then you will be able to print scan and fax (if it includes a fax) from every PC.
DrEddieSAuthor Commented:

For some reason uninstall from control panel - programs / features or HP menu fail to complete uninstall. No error message is given
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Again, how did you "share" the device? As I mentioned earlier, you need the printer directly connected to the LAN via it's built-in NIC or WLAN adapter if you want to use it's Scanning functions via the LAN. You can't share scanner functions from a PC connected to the printer (at least not without any 3rd party software if it is windows, On Linux you can setup the scanner for sharing more easily).

"Sharing" to me means that that you do it via a PC acting as "Print-Server", and not if you do it directly from the printer.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
uninstall from control panel - programs / features ... fail to complete uninstall.

Open Devices and Printers and remove the printer. If it will not remove, leave it.
Still in Devices and Printers, click on any printer device and a new menu opens.
Select Printer Server Properties and then Drivers Tab. Remove the HP8600 driver.
Open Control Panel, Programs and Features and remove HP OfficeJet Help, HP update and any other HP programs you can. After that, try removing HP OfficeJet Basic software again. This did not uninstall for you.

Now restart the computer.

Now install the HP OfficeJet Software from CD or from a known good download.

It should try to connect the Printer (and so Scanner). You will see this happen.

If that does not work, go back to Programs and Features, click on HP OfficeJet Basic Software and do a Repair. This should work and will force a restart. Now double click the HP OfficeJet shortcut on your desktop and that should make the connection.

Your installation is damaged and the Scanner is probably not going to work until the software is fixed. That is all the steps above. Try them all in order and please let us know what happens.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@ DrEddieS - Thanks and I was happy to help
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