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Greetings Experts,

I need some guidance/direction as unable to get my head around this issue.

I found a way to display queries against our database within basic webmatrix pages. Now I want to experiment with allowing access to users to view own records. I have set up the membership and authentication login and all works as expected. This is linked to a basic database with just userid and email in user profile (database1).

I am hoping to retrieve the main tables from a second remote database (database2 - added to project as connection)

My question is how do I enable a user to view own records.

var db = Database.Open ("Database2");
    var SQLquery = "SELECT [WorkerId],[Email1] FROM [Table1] where WorkerId=@0";
if (!WebSecurity.IsAuthenticated) {
    + Request.Url.LocalPath);

What I want to be able to write is as follows.

from the login information, ascertain userid and email (username) from database1,
cross check this email with Email1 from database 2 (unless there is another way to match users ) and if correct, display table from database2 to user.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Kind regards. SJ
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If I understand correctly, you want to present user with login screen.

User enters userid and email and then you compare that with userid and email from database1.

What would be your reason for comparing email and userid from database1 to same information from database2?
sunny-jAuthor Commented:
Hi Sammy,
I want to retrieve information from database 2 so I presume that I would need to link the databases. But if you feel that is not necessary and it's still possible to show user information according to profile, then pls guide on how I approach this issue. Kind regards SJ
Ok, I see

So, the link between database1 and database2 is email?

If it was me, an auto generated id from database1 and inserted into database2 as foreign key to database1 would have been a preferred approach.

However, if you are confident that you would not run into email duplication then I would try something like this:

select d1.userid,, d2.field1, d2.field2, d2.fieldn from database1 d1 inner join database2 d2 on = d2.email1 where = emailparam

Is that what you are after or did I miss something?
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sunny-jAuthor Commented:
Thank you Sammy, i think that will work and will try later. Pls can you kindly list the next steps required to display the user data based on login. Essentially I need some basic outline on the code needed to link a login with data, so when testing each login, I am able to retrieve the correct data. Thanks again, SJ
Ok, I will provide a small example and you can add to it later.

Let's say for instance that you wish to display user's first name, last name, status, address, you would have this on code behind:

        Using oconn As New SqlConnection(sqlconn)
            Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("select d1.userid,, d2.field1, d2.field2, d2.fieldn from database1 d1 inner join database2 d2 on = d2.email1 where and d1.password=@pass", oconn)
        'Here we use parameterized query to keep from sql injection attack.
            cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@email", Session("email"))
            cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@pass", Session("password"))
            Dim dr As SqlDataReader
            dr = cmd.ExecuteReader()
            While dr.Read()
               'Then pass db values to the form fieldnames. You can add more to this list
                lblFirstName.Text = dr("first_name").ToString()
                lblLastName.Text = dr("last_name").ToString()
                lblAddress.Text = dr("CustAddress").ToString()
                lblStatus.Text = dr("status").ToString()
            End While
        End Using

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On the markup, you would use labels unless you would like the users to make changes to the information on their profile page.

Something like:
<asp:Label ID="lblfirstName" runat="server" />

Open in new window

Hope this helps.

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sunny-jAuthor Commented:
Perfect Sammy, I appreciate your swift answer, I am using web matrix and i take it this approach will work in razor c# code. Essentially I need to try and match the session email and password with websecurity.   I am away tonight and will try this out when home tomorrow, thank you again, have a good day.
The code is in vb but you can easily convert it to c# flavor.
sunny-jAuthor Commented:
Dear Sammy, thanks again for all your help. In the end I wasn't able to get my head around it, especially trying to do an inner join on the second database within WebMatrix. I am going to try again on another question, maybe approach it differently.  I hope you may be able to help again. Kind regards. SJ
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