Great RMM tool needed for MSP


I am looking for a good RMM tool which is professional and mature product offering variety of features such as:
* monitoring - but not just how much CPU is used or RAM or HDD space
* scripting and automation - but the kind which does not rely too much on free tools which may just go away with new scripts coming up and the ability to run scripts one after another with the collective reports emailed as pdf after scheduled automation
* integration with Autotask
* great remote access and management tools which work - not just free vnc or rdp
* not mandatory but could be using proper Antivirus provider not just some cheap one
* patch management - not through the installation of free WSUS and the ability to update 3rd party apps too while the patches are tested and any of the update available notifications are disabled on managed machines
* professional backup with the ability to do VSS backup for locked or open files
* cloud solution to manage all from one point

I have been using AVG Managed Workplace for the last year and while they improved a lot over the last year, they rely a lot on the free tools like rdp, vnc, wsus and ninite. I also tested recently CentraStage but it is just lower than AVG's product. I was enquiring about Continuum's product and while they tick a lot of boxes, they are quite pricey. I have requested trials from Labtech and Pulseway as well.
At the moment I am using Asigra, Symantec and Acronis for backups, Kaspersky, Symantec and AVG for AV, Logmein and Teamviewer for remote access, Autotask, Office 365.

I am looking to have great one RMM solution which can do a lot of monitoring plus give me the ability to run automated maintenance regularly on the computers with Logmein standard of remote connections.

Please only respond if you are using or have been testing any of RMM solutions because I am looking for honest opinions and not just reviews or feedback from the websites.

Thank you
Tom SkowyrskiAsked:
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
What in your mind is a "proper Antivirus" and what isn't?

Have you explored LogicNow MaxFocus (formerly GFI Max).  Very inexpensive, it has the great scripting capabilities, monitoring capabilities, built-in antivirus solution, TeamViewer based remote access (though I don't use it - ScreenConnect is FANTASTIC and I ditched logmein for them when LogMeIn started gouging customers, I believe patch management (I prefer WSUS and scripted NinitePro), and the console is cloud based.

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Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
By proper AV I mean one of these which I used and didn't get the virus yet: AVG, Kaspersky, Symantec Endpoint.
Continuum offers Webroot, however, I am not so convinced that it is good product. Continuum also offers Malwarebytes paid version though.
Somebody just mentioned to me ScreenConnect as Logmein is awfully (3 times more than last year) expensive and it is going to cost me even more next year (3 times more again). The great advantage of Logmein is being able to quickly connect and to reboot pc into the SafeMode and get reconnected.
The reason why I can't have WSUS is that I have few customers who are small and have Windows 7 as the server. Plus it would be great if the updates were tested before allowed to be installed - I don't have big infrastructure so I can't test the updates. Does Logicnow use WSUS and Ninite? I do like NInite and AVG is using it but if there is better way of doing it, especially that a lot of free software is not free for commercial use like CCleaner.
Do you know if Logicnow integrates with Autotask? Do you use a lot of scripting?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I've been using Vipre for 5+ years now -- LogicNow was using them (they owned them, then spun them off and now I thought I heard they were using a different product (that i've heard of but just don't recall at the moment).

Been using ScreenConnect for 1.5 years - trialed it and 30 minutes after I downloaded it, I decided to buy.  Multi-platform, phone apps, unlimited workstations, licensed by the concurrent connection.

I haven't paid much attention to LogicNow's update features since I use WSUS and for the few very small server-less offices I have, I perform updates manually or via a VBScript I have.  

LogicNow does not handle the updates of non-MS products as far as I know, but I script ninite to update workstations from a simple scheduled task I setup when I setup servers (and import that task to the one-off workstations as necessary).

I do a LOT of scripting but it's usually one off/as needed stuff, using batch and VB.  And the VERY occasional PowerShell.

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I would highly suggest N-Central from N-Able.
Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
Trialled GFIMax, Labtech, Pulseway. Going to extend the trial of Labtech as it seems to be not that bad. GFIMax I found lacking features. Pulseway is totally different software. As mentioned before CentraStage needs to be improved.
Decided to consider switching to ScreenConnect especially that it is for free to use with Labtech. Also Labtech owns it so they may offer a deal. I am not going to extend the contract of AVG Managed Workplace.
Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
GFI / Logicnow for its price is very good.
Labtech is not that cheap
Johnard OwensCommented:
I am currently using Ninja RMM and i like their features and they work with their users to update the product and assist with any questions.
Remote Tool: Team viewer
Anti-virus: Vipre comes with your subscription and you can install Vipre on all your endpoints. Webroot and Malware Bytes are integrated as well, but it costs a little more for these 2.
Windows Patch management
3rd party patch management has not been implemented as of yet but it should be released in the next month or so.
Here is a link to their site
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