which is a faster computer

I need a computer that can run mutiple programs at the same time. The programs take a lot of computer power.

I have two options-

I dell i7 with 8gb of ram
hp i5 with 5 gb of ram

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The faster computer is:
dell i7 with 8gb of ram
i7 is faster than i5 and though you may or may not need it extra RAM memory always helps

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If you wish to read about i5 vs i7 the see:

"Intel’s Core i5 vs Core i7: Which do you need?"

Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Michael's answer is right, if they are both from the same generation.

But a first gen i7 loses to a Haswell i5, so if you can post the CPU model it will help us give an accurate answer.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Assuming both computers are no more than a single generation apart, (in relation to the Intel i-series CPUs) then even if the i5 is newer and faster it has less RAM and RAM is CRITICAL.

UNLESS the i5 has an SSD and the i7 doesn't

Really if you want a GOOD answer, you need to provide FAR more details on each and what you're doing that requires this capability (All computers today run multiple programs at once... but WHAT programs you run can determine what resources you really need!
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Agree you need to provide more specific information about the configuration of the two systems to get a good answer.

In general, it's certainly true that an i7 will outperform an i5; but it depends on (a) which generation the two chips are; and (b) whether they're both in the same general series (desktop, mobile, ultra-low power, etc.).    Even within the same generation, a high-end desktop i5 will outperform some of the ultra-low power and mobile i7's.

In addition, a system with a Core i5 and an SSD will almost certainly "feel" much faster than a Core i7 with a traditional rotating platter hard drive.    It is, of course, much easier to add an SSD than it is to upgrade the CPU, so that's perhaps less of an issue than the relative performance of the specific CPU's you're looking at.    [Same is true with memory -- very simply and inexpensive to add more if needed]
you can only compare apples with apples
if the cpu's and ram are installed on the same mobo - which you can't -  there is no real comparison, other than the "benchmarks"
also the rest - like an SSD - should be the same
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
when you say 'lots of computer power' my thinking is that they are cpu intensive programs. and not memory or disk intensive. I have an i7-2600K and only very rarely does my cpu utilization go over 10% unless I run handbrake or other cpu intensive process.. Sometimes you can offload processes to the GPU if you have a good video card.  Bitcoin miners tend to keep the supply of high end graphics cards low (they grab as many as possible and production can't keep up) as they are pushing things to the maximum. Always good to keep your committed memory less than your available memory (or you end up doing a lot of swapping to disk) where disk i/o can become your bottleneck
i think the asker should give more info - on what he intends to use the pc for
this will yield better solutions
How would you practically do this on a PC? Could expand on your thought here? Thanks, Leon.
<< Always good to keep your committed memory less than your available memory ....>>
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Right now I have 10.5GB used, 15.6 GB committed and 9.4GB available.this is with 4 VMs with 1.2GB each, Outlook. VS 2013, Firefox, Itunes, snagit, MalwareBytes running a scan  and more running in the background/foreground. If you want performance you have to invest in hardware i.e. RAM
David, thank you. But what is the difference between used, and committed memory? They both sound the same to me.
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