php for flow chart

hi - I would like to create a system that is similar to jira, but i dont need all the features in jira but just one.
I want users to be able to drag and drop the rectangles/squares/decision boxes and draw flowchart showing relation ship between he process.

1) select the type of box (rectangle/square/decision box)
2) drag it to flowchart area
3) name it
4) link it to other process
5) when it is linked update DB saying that process are linked (dependent)

Are there any open libraries that i can use.
do you have examples for this ?


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Steve BinkCommented:
Try JointJS.  If that doesn't work for you, perhaps you can find some other options here.
shragiAuthor Commented:
ALl these libraries are good, but none has helpful documentation to help create a live webpage.
does any one has any live working screen where user is allowed to create workflow on fly.
or atleast generate workflow from data entered like
process name
dependent process
father processs

Steve BinkCommented:
Do you want to create one, or do you want a site that provides this service?
shragiAuthor Commented:
i want to create one
Steve BinkCommented:
Then I'm not sure what you mean.  JointJS has more than a dozen demos, and what appears to be a very well-documented API.  What else do you need?

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