difference between comparabe and comparator


What are main diferences between comparabe and comparator.

what is purpose only two comparator implemented classes Collator, RulesBasesColator.(where as comparable implemented classes are a wrapper classes and String

Please advise
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Comparable is a property of the thing being sorted.  E.g. You might want to sort names alphabetically, so you could have a Person class that implements Comparable and sorts into alphabetical order based on the name property.

So you end up with:
Person implements Comparable { ... }

But the weakness of Comparable is that you can only have one type of sorting for those objects - because Comparable is a property of the object itself.

So say you also want to be able to sort a Person based on name or based on age.  You can't do that with Comparable, because you already defined Person as sorting by name.  So that's where Comparator comes in.  It's much more general.

That's 2 new classes, whose entire job is to just to compare objects - person objects in this case:
public class SortByName implements Comparator<Person> { ... }
public class SortByAge implements Comparator<Person> { ... }

You can write as many Comparators as you want and use them in sorting functions.

So if in doubt, Comparator is the more general concept.
Only use Comparable for what people call "the natural order", when you have something that only ever needs to be sorted in one way - like say a list of numbers, which you only ever sort in one way.

Make sense?


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gudii9Author Commented:
That is more clear.

what is purpose only two comparator implemented classes Collator, RulesBasesColator

Can you please advise on above two classes about which i never ever heard till last week
I've never used either Collator or RulesBasesCollator, but both are designed to help with sorting text.

That may sound like a trivial problem - putting words into alphabetical order.

But when you start to think about more complex character sets, with accents for example, it's not so simple to sort them correctly.  So a Collator is a class designed to help with that sort of sorting.

Unless you're interested in sorting text written in a range of different character sets it's not likely you need this.  You also don't need to understand them to understand how comparators work.

Yes, and I would say that the best way to eventually understand the differences between the two is to first understand fully how one of them works, starting with the Comparable interface - and your question on this is still open. Is it still unclear?
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