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I thought I had this figured out... but turns out the issue is back. I have  a button that sends an email. One one computer it works perfectly. On another computer it won't properly read who to send it to. It highlights this line:

        objEmailMessage.To = Me.[MemoEmail]

If I chance the Me.[MemoEmail] to something like "test" everything works perfect. The "test" shows up in the outlook email as the "send to"

The exact same problem happens on a different form. For some reason only on this computer... it put the email address in the "Send To" location.

I downloaded the microsoft service pack. Anything else I should look into? Thanks!
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How was the information entered into Me.[MemoEmail]? Was it cut-n-pasted there? It is very often when you cut-n-paste you can take some extra symbols (not visible) but not acceptable by the application. These symbols could be the <Tab>, <New Line>, etc. Please follow up with the user who experience this problem and ask them to repeat all the steps that lead to this problem. Try to replicate them on your PC
cansevinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Chaau... I appreciate your help. The font end was simply put onto their machine. I actually walked through and tried it. Also, it is happening with a total of about 5 different buttons. All of them will not read the email address. All of them if you change it to:

objEmailMessage.To = "error"

It works perfectly (Just no email obviously in the to part).

I have a feeling it is a plugin issue or update. It not is happening on a 3rd computer. I'm going to post another question regarding plugins.

Any other ideas it could be?


Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
If the issue occurs on one machine only, then it's either a problem with that machine, or a problem with the User Account.

You can determine if it's a machine issue by logging in to that machine as a different user. If the problem continues, then you have trouble with the installation of Office or Windows on that machine, and a repair/reinstall of either (or both) would be in order. It could also be a troublesome reference, so check the references on that machine to insure none of them are marked as MISSING. If not, then you can try unchecking one of the references (be sure to write down the reference name, and the path to the file), close the dialog, reopen the Reference dialog, and re-check that reference.

If the problem does not continue, then you may have troubles with that User Profile. You would need to recreate the profile.

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
are the two users running the same version of Outlook/Access?
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