Endless startup repair loop

I had a few updates saved up and let them run.  After that I got BSOD with memory issues and found that I had a crucial stick that was bad.  They I ended up with a page fault BSOD and when I tried to get to safe mode to fix that, (it restarted many times for this as I had left the house and inadvertently let it run.) I ended up in this endless start up loop. Here are most of the details, excuse the abbreviations.

Event name:  Startuprepairoffline
sign02:      6.1.7600.16385
sign03:      Unknownj
Sign04:      60
sign05:      Autofailover
Sign06:      1
sign07:       OsVersionMismatch
OS Version:       6.1.7600.
locale ID:     1033''

Startup Repair DIagnosis and repair log

1 repair attempt
Session details
Systerm disk \device\harddisk0
win Directory = c:\windows
autocheck run = 0
number of root causes =1

Everything was fine til the last line
Root Causes found:
The operating systerm version is incompatible with startup Repair.

I decided to just go back to restore point that updates created.  The system hung and when I tried to redo it it said restore point was corrupted and then deleted.  all the other restore points are from last year.  I had another retore point from a few days before and that is now gone too.

I have booted from repair disk and upgrade disk.  My image is also now back to a copy from last year.

I have tried bootrec /fixmbr and /fixboot both say operation successful.   when I get to /rebuildbcd I get total identified windows installations: 0 the operation completed successfully.

bootrec /scanos does not find the windows installation

Which I why I think that boodsect /nt60 all /force is not working too.

I have also tried to copy the backed up registry hive which is only three days old into the config folder and that hasn't worked either.

All i have is upgrade media so I am having trouble getting the os found again.  When i look through the disk all seems fine.  That said, chkdsk /r runs and only issue is it can't copy log.

I have tried a tone of other things, the bios is reset to defaults and much more, but these are the main things I have done that I think should have worked.
Pat O'BrienPastorAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
So is your image back to a copy last year working or not? If working, can you update it and move on?

If no, can you run a Windows Repair Install? You need to be able to start the system. Repair Install is not a Startup Repair

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Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
i tried repair install too.  I had a friend who works for MS come over and lets just say we didn't communicate clearly, I now have a clean install.  So I guess going back a year is the least of my worries, YES?
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
after a clean in stall is there anyway to retrieve the registry settings which I backed up and recreate what I had?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Since the Repair Install did not work, and neither have the other things you tried, then use the year old image. You will most of your software and data, so run updates (there will be lots) and see what data you have.

Have you restored the backup already?  Do you have backup of the data?  If you have your data, using a prior image is the least of your worries as you say.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Also, do not attempt to recover your registry. They change dynamically  and adapting today's (possibly corrupt) registry to an old system is not a good idea.
it says :  The operating systerm version is incompatible with startup Repair.

i suppose you have win7 SP1 installed?
if you don't have it, you can download the ISO here :  http://www.techverse.net/download-windows-7-iso-x86-x64-microsofts-official-servers/
and run the repair
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
I sort of goofed and let a clean install run.  You comment just rang true, just start over with image.  It is like admitting defeat, but in the long run would have save a ton of time.   Now windows if offering win 10 for free, do we or don't we...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.

Do all your updates and one should be KB3035583. That is Get Windows 10 and if you install the update and restart, a GWX icon will show up. You can ignore is, or register for the free upgrade.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
I got the icon, just not sure I want to be in first group to make that leap, but with all the issues with 8 and no 9, I am thinking this could be cleanest launch ever.  I was on their beta team up and until I told them that ME wasn't ready for prime time and that as after significant issues with the original MSN...somehow, I was off the team.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
There will be no Windows "9" and when 10 shows up to you, there is no obligation to install, so no need to be concerned about that.
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