unable to compile oracle package


When I try to compile oracle package, its keep on compiling and after that session is getting hanged in Toad.

Also this package is not currently executing. I do not have sysdba privileges on this database.
Can you please let me know is there any way to check which is blocking this package and kill that process and compile the package?

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. . .  I do not have sysdba privileges on this database.
Then you need someone that does.
Some process has executed and loaded that package into the shared pool.
You need someone to flush the shared pool.

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You don't need sysdba to track locks.
Since you're using Toad,  the easiest way to detect the locks is to go the session browser and click on the "Locks" tab.

Look in the "blocking" and "blocked" columns.
If you don't have privileges to see the locks then you will still need a DBA to help you; but not "sysdba" level privileges.
A package being used does not create a "lock" on itself.
Oracle prevents packages loaded in Shared pool from being changed (compiled).
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while the package is executing,  that session will have a lock.

However, I was incorrect earlier when I suggested using Toad's lock tab.
The locks are visible in dba_lock but Toad's browser doesn't pick them up.

Instead,  simply check v$session and you can find the blocked session and its blocker easily

select sid,blocking_session from v$session where event = 'library cache pin';

It's easy to test and confirm

    PROCEDURE dummy_loop;

    PROCEDURE dummy_loop
        v_stop DATE := SYSDATE + 1 / 1440;
        -- don't do loops like these in production code, use a real "sleep"
        -- for one time test though, this should be ok.
        WHILE SYSDATE < v_stop
        END LOOP;

Open in new window

Then in one session

exec lock_test.dummy_loop;

In a second session try compiling the package while the first session is still running

alter package lock_test compile;

In a third session look for the lock while the other two are executing

select sid,blocking_session from v$session where event = 'library cache pin';
Note,  if your package touches other objects, you might still be able to see the session in the locks tab, but it won't be the locks on the library cache.
GouthamAnandAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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