How do i fix this? using windows 7 home premium

It pops up every so hour so.  I want to remove it.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try the following:

Open IE, Tools, Manage Add-ins and disable add-ins particularly toolbar add-ins.

Close IE, open Control Panel, Programs and Features, and uninstall any toolbars and programs you did not install.

Now scan for viruses and malware with your own anti virus software and then with Malwarebytes (

Shut down, start up and test. Has the problem gone away?
This is possibly the remains of a virus or malware that has been dealt with by your virus software but left behind some broken links.

Try checking your anti-virus log to see if its been busy recently and use that to track the origin of the Client.exe file, you might then be able to find a specific removal tool.

Alternatively download the free version of "malwarebytes" which will probably point you in the right direction.
While all of the above is a smart move, they will all delete malicious files. In this case, the file is already gone! Now, it's probably a task in the task scheduler (but you get the popup because the file can't be found). So look at all the items in task scheduler (start > run control schedtasks) and delete the one that has this client.exe reference in it.
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@kimputer: agree that your suggestion will resolve the Client.exe pop-up in a very efficient manner, but if there has been malware/virus activity some element clearly evaded whatever security is in place and a wider check is called for as well.
goodkAuthor Commented:
@kimputer and others,

1- I have the task schedular opened but i cannot find the particular task.
2- How do I find the task in IE?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Tasks normally live in Task Manager, not IE (and not in Scheduler either unless it is there for startup).

Right click on the task bar and click Task Manager. Select the Processes tab and look there. See if "client" is running and end it if so.

If you see "client" and end it, close Task Manager and  run Malwarebytes again.
It could still be residing in Task Scheduler as a periodically recurring task, similar to an antivirus checking for updates every 6 or 8 hours. I would check there.
goodkAuthor Commented:
no luck yet. On Task Schedular when I click Action > Run this particular message can pop up
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Download and install ( run) Process Explorer from Microsoft. Look for " client"  or strange processes under Explorer. Kill these, exit, but do not restart. Run Malwarebytes again and remove more malware.  Then restart
you can also try a system restore to a date it was ok
no luck yet. On Task Schedular when I click Action > Run this particular message can pop up

So you FOUND the task that's causing this? Then just remove that task. The program itself was already removed (possible by your antivirus software), that's WHY you get the error popup. You only need to remove the task.
This is very common with malware and nagware. Simply delete it from the Task Scheduler and reboot. You should be all set.
goodkAuthor Commented:
I can't find the task any more.  I think it appears runs and disappears.  Not sure what is going on?
Let's make sure you are looking in the correct spot. Open Task Scheduler, then click on Task Scheduler Library in the left side Pane. You may have sub-tasks below the Task Scheduler Library entry. Look in each of those also. If/when you find it, right click on the task in the center pane and select Delete.
>>   I think it appears runs and disappears  << any chance of malware causing this?
then run these:                         MBAM                  Roguekiller

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goodkAuthor Commented:
MBAM running it solved the problem
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@goodk  - Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.
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