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Hello -

I have append queries that I run on a monthly basis.  I am charging a co-work to run these.  I have a form with a button (macro) that will run the append queries.  However, I want to add a pop up massage when the macro button is selected that will say something like "You are about to append your data - are you sure you want to proceed".  If possible, a yes or no button afterwards.

Is this possible???  If so - can someone provide detailed steps to do this?  I've never done this before.

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Is your button running a Macro or VBA code?
If it is running a macro, convert your Macro to VBA.  This is pretty easy.  Just highlight the Macro, go to the Database Tools menu and under the Macro ribbon select "Convert Macros to Visual Basic".

Then, go to the On Click Property of your button, select Code Builder.  This should set up the an empty Event Procedure shell for you.  Enter code something like this:
    Dim myMsgBox
    myMsgBox = MsgBox("You are about to append your data - are you sure you want to proceed?", vbYesNo, "ATTENTION!")
    If myMsgBox = vbYes Then
        'Enter your code here
        MsgBox "Process cancelled!"
    End If

Open in new window

Then, on that line where I have the comment 'Enter your code here, i the VB Editor browse to the Converted Macros, and copy everything between the first and last lines (leave the Function... and End Function lines off and paste them where that comment is.

If your button is already running VBA code, you should just be able to add the structure of the code I showed above.

That should do what you want.

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
In the simplest terms, ...your code would look something like this:
Dim strSQL1 as string
Dim strSQL2 as string
Dim bytAnswer as byte
strSQL1 ="YourAppend Query SQL here"
bytAnswer =msgbox(""You are about to append your data - are you sure you want to proceed",vbyesNo+vbquestion)
If bytAnswer =VBNO Then
   Exit Sub
End If
'YourCode to run your append queries
CurrentDB.Execute strSQL1,dbfailonerror
CurrentDB.Execute strSQL2,dbfailonerror

Note the by default Access will ask you to approve running "Action" queries.
So even if you added your own, ...Access would still ask you.

You can turn off the warnings (from the Access Options), ...but the other issue is what happens if one of the queries fails?
If the results of the first query are used in the second query, ...Then how would you know if the first query produced the correct output.
Anything can go wrong in any "unattended" systems.
So you may also need to add robust error handling and possibly rollbacks in your code.

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