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We have a Mitel 3300 phone sytem and we're running Contact Center Management Enterprise Edition.   I"m looking for a report which will show the details for specific calls in a queue.   I can get average time in a queue for a specific time but I'm needing more granular detail.

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Joel BrownIT DirectorAsked:
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The most granular detail is provided by the "LifeCycle" reports.  This report lists every call to a queue (path), an agent, an extension, etc.  When choosing LifeCycle report from the drop down menu, you will then be able to choose your sub-category.

NOTE: If you don't see the Life Cycle reports on the main menu, you will need to enable them.  To do so, you will need to sign in to YourSite Explorer to enable them.  The YourSite Explorer is most easily accessed by signing in to the server via remote desktop.

Once signed in to YourSite Explorer, click on the Enterprise on the left, and check the box for LifeCycle Reports.  If this was not enabled before, you will need to re-summarize the data to get data back in time to prior to the enablement of this function.  All data going forward will be available in LifeCycle Reports without further action.

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Joel BrownIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Worked perfectly ..... I was able to get into LifeCylce and created the report to show the data.   Thank you .
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