VB.Net - How to detect if a microphone is connected to Mic or Line-in port

I have an audio recording application written in VB.Net and want to check to make sure the microphone is connected before recording starts.

The microphone is usually connected to the microphone or Line-in jack.

How can I detect whether a device is connected to a line-in or a mic-in port?
Jim LittleVP Technology & DevelopmentAsked:
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi  jrlittle86;

Never had the need to do this but there is documentation on this, Audio Endpoint Devices, See if this helps you through your issue.
Jim LittleVP Technology & DevelopmentAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the direction.  

Starting from there I was able to find this:  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1525320/how-to-enumerate-audio-out-devices-in-c-sharp .  It's in C# but can be easily converted to VB.Net using a converter (if you need one).

Turns out you can enumerate audio devices within the system.management namespace and check for the availability of your device within the list.

From there we only needed to check to see if the enumerated device is available.  If it is the function will return TRUE (and FALSE if the device is unavailable).

Here's a modification of the code:

    Public Function GetAudioDevices(AudioDeviceName as String) as Boolean

        Dim objSearcher As New ManagementObjectSearcher("SELECT * FROM Win32_SoundDevice")
        Dim objCollection As ManagementObjectCollection = objSearcher.[Get]()
        Dim DeviceAvailable as Boolean = False
        For Each obj As ManagementObject In objCollection

            For Each [property] As PropertyData In obj.Properties

                If [property].Name = AudioDeviceName Then
                      DeviceAvailable = True
                End If



        Return DeviceAvailable

    End Sub

It's not perfect but it's a start.  Even though a microphone or some other audio source may be plugged into the Line In port, it's possible the mic itself isn't turned on and you're getting no sound.  That is another issue and a separate topic altogether.

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Jim LittleVP Technology & DevelopmentAuthor Commented:
Fernando was able to point me in the direction where to start looking.  That was helpful in tracking down an answer but didn't directly provide the code or algorithm I needed.  I thought it would be helpful to include that.
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