sqlexception was unhandled by user code

I am  executing web application using MS VS 2008 and Ms Access 2007
but it shows error
sqlexception was unhandled by user code (line no 13)
(provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 25 - Connection string is not valid)
=======================web.config code ==================
    <add name="TestConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=\app_data\SMOSYS.accdb;"
      providerName="Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0" />
========================= An error occurred while running code============
public bool Validate(string usrId, string pwd)
        bool status = false;

        cmdString = "SELECT * FROM Login WHERE IsActive='1'";
        dataAdapter = new OLEDBDataAdapter(cmdString, connectionString);
        dataAdapter.Fill(dataSet);               //sqlexception was unhandled by user code 
        dataTable = dataSet.Tables[0];

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prashanth agsoftware engineer Asked:
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Lokesh B RDeveloperCommented:

You need to Use OLE DB Provider to connect to the Access database.

Check the sample code here

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (!IsPostBack)
                string accessConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["accessConnectionString"].ConnectionString;

                using (OleDbConnection con = new OleDbConnection(accessConnectionString))
                    string query = "SELECT * FROM Login WHERE IsActive='1';";
                    OleDbCommand cmd = new OleDbCommand(query, con);
                    OleDbDataAdapter da = new OleDbDataAdapter(cmd);
                    DataSet ds = new DataSet();

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Make sure your accdb file is in App_Data folder.

    <add name="accessConnectionString" connectionString="Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\SMOSYS.accdb;Persist Security Info=True"/>

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Kamal KhaleefaInformation Security SpecialistCommented:
you are not setting the connection string

you need to call the value from web.config and pass it to your code
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