handling Struts tag, JSTL tag and scriptlet in Ajax.

Hi Experts,

I am working on JSP that consists of Struts tag, JSTL tag and scriptlet with some checkboxes.
Upon clicking any of checkboxes, the entire page reload, but I just want to submit checkbox value and it should hide/display arrow or other check box and change arrow color.
How do I handle these in ajax way? I just want to submit a checkbox value and update part of the JSP page instead of reloading entire page.

  boolean employeeEditable = "true".equals(request.getParameter("noneditable")) ? false : true;
  EmployeeForm[] theEmployees = (EmployeeForm[]) request.getAttribute("employeeView");
  boolean hasEmployees = theEmployees != null && theEmployees.length > 0;

<c:if test="${empty employeeView[0].employee}">						
<html:img pageKey="img.red_arrow" height="10" width="20" border="0"/>					
<c:if test="${not empty employeeView[0].employee}">
<html:img pageKey="img.blue_arrow" height="10" width="20" border="0"/>

<input type="checkbox" class="checkwhite" name="employee" value="Yes" CHECKED />

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Julian HansenCommented:
Do you have a link for us to look at?

What javascript library are you using for your AJAX (Jquery)?
dkim18Author Commented:
sorry, it is intranet site.
we are using jquery-1.7.2.js and jquery-ui-1.8.21. Is that what you are asking?
Julian HansenCommented:
Ok, but I don't see any code for doing an AJAX Call.

Can you posted a page source of your page.

View Source
Copy code and paste to file.
Save and upload file.

That gives us something to look at.
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dkim18Author Commented:
since there are some sensitive information, I had to take a lot of code out.
dkim18Author Commented:
Julian HansenCommented:
It appears your problem has to do with errors in your markup - your page has a number of errors on it that need to be addressed these include

* Duplicate include of utils.js
* <link> tag inside a <script> tag
* <script> tag inside an open <script> tag
* Unclosed <a> tags - this is what is most likely causing your problem
* Orphan close </form> and </div> tags

Just some of the errors I found on first inspection - the attached (reformatted) file contains HTML comments at the points that need attention.

What is probably happening to cause the page reloads is shown in the following code snippet from the file you posted
            <a href="/vn/medask.do?method=edit&amp;idx=5939" class="link_title">                
              <img src="/images/red_arr.png" height="10" width="20" border="0">
            <span class="checkright">      
              <input type="checkbox"  name="nothing" onclick="javascript:document.location='/vn/medask.do?method=update&xval=No&idx=5939';" class="checkwhite"  />
              No Known&nbsp;Adverse Medication

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You will notice in the above code your <a> is not being closed. Therefore the <span> that follows it is being included in the <a> so when you click the checkbox it is actually activating the link. You need to close your <a> tags to prevent this from happening.

Word of advice going forward - with HTML the first step when things are not working is to validate your page. You need to make sure that there are no markup errors or script errors lurking on the page that could interfere with the way the page should operate. Once you have eliminated the validation errors you will be better placed to find the cause of any errors you are having.

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Julian HansenCommented:

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