Colleague can't access Bes Web console on server from his PC. We all can. All on same network. All using same IE. Perhaps certificates?

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hi guys

we have a Bes Express server set up on a Windows 2008 server. I can access the web admin console from my PC in Internet Explorer 9. My other colleague can from IE 11. When I get to the page, I see a 'Continue to this website' (not recommended).

The link is this:

One of my colleagues who is on the same network as me, is unable to access this page. He gets a page cannot be displayed from his IE 11 instead of what i see.

All firewalls are off on server and PC's. Could it be certificates related on his PC? Or even security update?

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IS the BES site listed under Trusted Sites on the PCs where they can get in? And not on the PC of the user that cannot?

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