How do I connect networked PCs with no internet access to a wireless access point?

At work, I connected 3 PCs via ethernet to a wireless router that was not connected to the internet.  This allowed me to print to a single wireless printer from all 3 PCs.

Recently, Wi-Fi access to the internet was added to this area.  What is the most efficient way to connect these 3 PCs to the wireless access point?
Steve LowryPrincipal ChemistAsked:
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andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Configure your router as W-LAN client to connect to the ISPs wlan (if router supports WAN-connections on WLAN) and span a W-LN for yourself so you still can pront (Your router need to support W-LAN client and AP mode simultanously)

If your router cannot do this then do this:

Connect a 2nd Access Point to the WAN-Port of the router and let this AP join the WiFi Providers W-LAN in client mode.

Be sure the AP you buy has client mode support.

This will work with every Router that has an ethernet WAN Port and every AP that can be in client mode.
First you will need to get wireless NIC's for your PC's. Most modern Laptops have wireless NIC's built-in by default, but desktop PC's usually don't. You can get them as USB dongles which makes installation easy, or as PCI/PCI-E cards which you put into an empty slot of the PC.

Once you have that, make sure the drivers are installed, setup the AP for secure WPA2-AES-PSK, and then you just need to use that key on the PC's to connect to the AP. Once that is done it should work just like a normal LAN.

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Can your wireless router act as a bridge to the ISP's wireless router?  If so then switch it to bridged mode, connect your wireless bridge (router) to the ISP wireless network, and configure your printer to communicate to the ISP wireless network.  If this works then you can leave your PC's on the wired network to your existing wireless bridge (router).

What brand and model of wireless router do you have?
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andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Use ISP wifi for printers is worth a try but its a dirty hack.

Usually ISP have client separation so wifi clients canot communicate directly to each
other so your router-Bridge and wifi printers cannot see each other.
Furthermore printer will get provider ips which usually are not fixed, so its difficult to set them up on your PCs.
And last but not least, others in your wifi cell might then also print on this printer, if endpoints are visible and not separated.
Steve LowryPrincipal ChemistAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.  I have successfully used the USB Wi-Fi adapters in the past, but I was hoping to use my existing equipment if possible.  The router is a Netgear WNDR3700v2.  I will try to put it in bridge mode.
You will still need wireless adapters for your PC's, whether they are USB or internal. As I mentioned before, PC's usually don't have any wireless adapters included. So if you want to connect the PC's to the wireless LAN, you'll have to make sure they have wireless adapters, otherwise you can't connect them wirelessly with existing hardware.
Steve LowryPrincipal ChemistAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.
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