Partner Phone System - Set the Dial 0 for operator in autoattendant to ring to specific extension

I have taken over IT for a company and they have a Partner Phone system. All the commands are issuaed via dialing from the phone, and even though I have the manual there are a lot of features and such with specific keywords that I don't know as of yet. That being said:

We have an auto attendant that picks up after a particular amount of rings. In the message it says press 0 to reach an operator, but this rings to the wrong extension.

How do I change where dialing 0 in the auto-attendant rings to?
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Which partner system and which version?

If you have a serial to rj45 for it, it might be simpler to visually manage it.

Simpler, might be to move the extention connections on the phone.
See if the following the information you are looking for.
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
No clue about the phone system to be honest. When starting here I received no information at all. A communications company installed it, but getting them to respond is pretty hard to begin with so I am trying to circumvent them completely.

I found the settings where you can change pushing 1-4 withing the auto attendant (or whatever they call that for this particular system)  and link them to an extension, but so far the dial 0 for operator portion has eluded me.
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MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
Amusingly this says to find out which extension is being used for auto attendant, enter in the extension that is being used for auto attendant:
To identify an extension where an auto attendant is installed:

Press feature +(00)+(system program)+(system program)+#607 at extension 10 or 11.
Enter the extension number to which the auto attendant is connected.
To assign or unassign the extension, press (Next Data) until the appropriate value appears:
1 = Assigned
2 = Not Assigned (the factory setting)
To assign or unassign a second auto attendant extension, press (Next item) or (Prev Item) until the extension number appears on the display. Then repeat Step 3.

Select another procedure, or exit programming mode.
Can you visually inspect the phone system to determine the type you have.
The modules also include info on version.

The guide is a guesstimate that you have partner acts, but version.....

Partner ACS there are guides that include the overlay for the phones to assist in the programming.

These phones also have a way to be managed via a GUI interface connected through an SMDR port requires a special serial to RJ45 (the rj45 cable is a regular straight cable).
Search for partner ACS programming manual.  You should see options.
To identify the extension used by auto attendant, is while you are at the extension to which 0 forwards, call in and hit 0, the auto attendant extention will be displayed on the phone as the source of the call.
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
Ok as per the instructions above for using the #607 menu to set or unset an extension.. this is not the setting. I went through the instructions and the extension that is rininging when youpush 0 is not listed as assigned in the menu 607 programming feature. I'll look at the modules and whatnot when I can to see if I can identify the system version.
When the wrong extension rings after hitting 0, what is reflected as the caller ID on that phone?
#607 is the command, not the extension.  You stil need to provide the extension and then ....

PC administrator is the GUI tool for partner ACS systems.. There is a special cable,
Db9/serial connection to rj45
If you have acces to a modular female db9 to rj45

You can make what you need to manage the settings using a PC with a serial or one that has a USB to serial adapter.

You can use a simple patch cable to reach from the PC/system to the smdr/admin port on the partner system.

You would need to set the PC code.
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
I realize that is the command, but it also tells you if the option is set and it was not. Unless I am missing something about how this works.
Do you have the avaya partner ACS 8 or older?

Do you have the option to graphically connect/manage it?
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
From what I have been able to gather from physically looking at the unit:

Partner ACS 509 Proc Mod R8 RHS does that help?

I have no way to manage it graphically at this point.
Ok, yes it is avaya Partner ACS R8. What modules do you have.

Here is the dilemma, are the phones in use the same/line config ?
One option/quickest deals with manually switching the the phone/extension connections on the system though this will change the extension allocations/configuration.
If the extension are similarly configured..... It would only require extention/directory correction.

Oh, what ext number is rang when 0 is selected and which extension it needs to be.
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
Partner Voice Messaging PC Card
308EC Module
and a 308EC Module R3.0

We have multiple lines.

I think the problem probably arose because someone was lazy in the first place and just moved the line physically.  That would be the easy solution, but It's something I need to figure out anyhow.
We have not had a lot of luck with the company that's been used for our telecommunications work.

Dialing 0 rings to ext 10 and needs to ring to 12.
Yeh, that is an unwanted switch since 10/11 are the system program extensions.

I still think the #607 is the way to get to it. but have not found the reference/documentation to confirm.
Here is the programming manual if you do not have one handy.

Hopefully, you have the overlay if not the documents includes them Appendix D.

#607 and just go through the next to see what is set, I think that is where you will see that it forwards
Have to find the AA interface to make sure that it is also not there set.

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