png image from ShellFile (Windows)

Hi Experts,

If I have the full path to a file in Windows, how can I create a png image out of its thumbnail with a specific width and height?

ShellFile shellFile = ShellFile.FromFilePath("c:\\test\\myfile.txt");
Bitmap shellThumb = shellFile.Thumbnail.ExtraLargeBitmap;

That code is fine to produce an extra large bitmap, but I need a png of say, 100x100 (or any size)...

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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Try this.

Scaling code. The most difficult part of generating thumbnails is probably scaling them. It isn't a good idea just to decrease all dimensions by 50% if the images are of different sizes, because then some thumbnails will be much larger than others.

The scaling logic here caps each dimension to 40 pixels. Based on the larger dimension, it scales the entire image.

I tested this code with different sizes of images, both horizontally larger and vertically larger, and it worked correctly.

using System;
using System.Drawing;

class Program
    static void Main()
	const string input = "C:\\background1.png";
	const string output = "C:\\thumbnail.png";

	// Load image.
	Image image = Image.FromFile(input);

	// Compute thumbnail size.
	Size thumbnailSize = GetThumbnailSize(image);

	// Get thumbnail.
	Image thumbnail = image.GetThumbnailImage(thumbnailSize.Width,
	    thumbnailSize.Height, null, IntPtr.Zero);

	// Save thumbnail.

    static Size GetThumbnailSize(Image original)
	// Maximum size of any dimension.
	const int maxPixels = 40;

	// Width and height.
	int originalWidth = original.Width;
	int originalHeight = original.Height;

	// Compute best factor to scale entire image based on larger dimension.
	double factor;
	if (originalWidth > originalHeight)
	    factor = (double)maxPixels / originalWidth;
	    factor = (double)maxPixels / originalHeight;

	// Return thumbnail size.
	return new Size((int)(originalWidth * factor), (int)(originalHeight * factor));

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threadyAuthor Commented:
Awesome, thanks Randy!
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