Sage 50 Data corruption

We have recurring problems with our Sage 50 2015 data.  We suffered some corruption recently and it had to go to sage for repair.  The data came back 3 weeks ago and since then we have had corruption a further 2 times which resulted in having to restore a good backup and re-entry of missing transactions.

Our network setup is as follows
HP DL380 g8 6 Core Xeon, 32GB RAM, 4x 600GB 10K SAS drives in RAID 6, VMWare 5.5 Essentials.

Virtual Server 1
Windows server 2012 R2 - DC - Fileshares -Widows 2012,  4 vCPU, 120GB Drive C, 300GB Drive D, 8GB RAM

Virtual server 2
Windows server 2012 R2 - Remote desktop server -  8vCPU, 120GB Drive C, 300GB Drive D, 8GB RAM

Data and sage data service sits on server 1,  Using sage on this machine gives excellent performance as expected.  Using Sage on the RDS is fine except when posting invoices and doing bank rec's.  Today it took more than 15 minutes to update 20 invoices (approx 20 items per invoice) and while the ledgers were updating, all other users were locked out saying, "waiting to lock file".  It now turns out that we have corruption again and will have to restore and re-enter.

I have checked AV exclusions, and performed network testing and I'm confident that it is not infrastructure causing the problem but I cannot seem to get this issue resolved.  My data is fairly huge with approx 56000 invoices and 373000 transactions. We will archive and reduce these in an effort to ease the situation.

Is anyone aware of any other things I can try  to get the bottom of this?
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Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and IntegratorCommented:
In this sort of scenario is it almost certainly some sort of virtual infrastructure issue or DNS or maybe access rights, are they really set to FULL? for all users.

I would move the data to be on the RDS server because this is the simple way to eliminate the only remaining issue.
tech53Author Commented:
Well we cleared the data down to manageable levels (i.e. just 1 year live transactions) and it seems to have helped considerably.  Now batches of 50 invoices update in a matter of seconds and there has been no corruption all week.

I'm getting conflicting information from Sage sales teams and support teams.  Sales are pushing 2015 edition with the premise that it will allow up to 1 million transactions however tech says that performance will drop off rapidly after 100,000.

We have implemented a process of backing up before updates multiple times per day and we are going to run with this for a few weeks just so we can monitor the situation.

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Enclave TechnologiesCommented:
Have you any 3rd party integrations?
Also, with the AV, it's important to make sure that you've excluded the data files from both a server perspective and a client perspective.
Performance has always dropped off in the older versions after 100,000 but as you stated 2015 onwards is supposed to offer better performance.
One possible cause of the corruption is that end users were losing patience killing the program with Task Manager while it was in the middle of posting the invoices. We see a good deal of this where the client has an external IT company who advise them to do this because the front end says "Not Responding", when in actual fact it's working away in the background.
tech53Author Commented:
We resolved the issue ourselves
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