Configure Cisco ASA-5506

how do you configure the Configure Cisco ASA-5506

is it also GUI based, or just command ?

Is there any GUI that can connect to it and configure it without knowing the commands?
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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
You configure the 5506 just like you would the 5505 using the ASDM.  The steps can be found:

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alonig1Author Commented:
it shows that it has some CLI command and some GUI.

is that correct?
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
The initial basic configuration does need to be done with the CLI. After that you can do everything through the ASDM.
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alonig1Author Commented:
The device itself doesn't have it's own GUI?
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
ASDM is the GUI for Cisco firewalls. They do not have a GUI like a switch, if that is what you are thinking.
alonig1Author Commented:
Where can I download the ASDM?

that will work for this product ? can you please send me a link
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
You get the version from the firewall when you attempt to browse to it:

7. Launch ASDM

See the ASDM release notes on for the requirements to run ASDM.


 1. On the computer connected to the ASA, launch a web browser.

 2. In the Address field, enter the following URL: The  Cisco ASDM web page appears.

 3. Click one of the available options:  Install ASDM Launcher,  Run ASDM, or  Run Startup Wizard.

 4. Follow the onscreen instructions to launch ASDM according to the option you chose. The  Cisco ASDM-IDM Launcher  appears.

 Note: If you click  Install ASDM Launcher, in some cases you need to install an identity certificate for the ASA and a separate certificate for the ASA FirePOWER module according to Install an Identity Certificate for ASDM.

 5. Leave the username and password fields empty, and click  OK. The main ASDM window appears.
alonig1Author Commented:
Should I do the following the first time : ?


1. Connect your computer to the ASA console port with the supplied console cable or with a mini-USB cable. See the hardware guide for instructions on using the USB console port.

2. Launch a terminal emulator and connect to the ASA.

3. Press the Enter key to see the following prompt:

4. Access privileged EXEC mode:

The following prompt appears:

5. Press Enter. By default, the password is blank.

Modify the ASA Configuration


1. Access global configuration mode:

configure terminal
2. Clear the configuration:

clear configure all
3. Copy and paste the following configuration at the prompt:

interface gigabitethernet1/1
nameif outside
ip address dhcp setroute
no shutdown
interface gigabitethernet1/2
nameif inside
ip address
security-level 100
no shutdown
interface management1/1
no shutdown
object network obj_any
subnet 0 0
nat (any,outside) dynamic interface
http server enable
http inside
dhcpd address inside
dhcpd auto_config outside
dhcpd enable inside
logging asdm informational
4. Save the new configuration:

write memory
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Yes, you need to do that part first to get a basic configuration.
alonig1Author Commented:
I do it through ssh or telnet with PuTTY?
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Yes use PuTTY.  Since it is a new configuration you can probably use Telnet.  I haven't done a new one for awhile and we disable telnet and only use SSH now.
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