t1 card setup help

we need to add an  additional t1 connection for backup purposes to our router. we have not setup a t1 before. In the router i see:

card type t1 0 2

controller t1 0/2/0
cablelength long 0dbm
channel-group 0 timeslots 1-24

interface serial0/2/0:0
 ip address
 encapsulation ppp

so if we are adding another t1 connection (att) cto this router can we add the following?:

card type t1  0 1                            

controller t1 0/1/0
cablelength long 0dbm
channel-group 0 timeslots 1-24

interface serial0/1/0:0
 ip address
 encapsulation ppp

--  does this card allows multiple t1 connections? if so how many?

we will setup the other router as well.
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Post the output of show version command so that we can see what card is it exactly .
Basically you are correct with your assumption on how to add an additional T1/E1 card. First youhave to define the card type, which then allow you to define the controller.

The number of T1 connections will depend on the number of physical ports on the card, but if you are adding the same card as you have at the moment you only have one port so only one full T1 connection.

However, you can create multiple channel groups with less that full number of timeslots, but they will all communicate over the same T1 link.
ShenAuthor Commented:
so the card type T1 0 1 definition is wrong and we need to add another card? If so how do we define another t1 card?
 i.e card type T2 0 2

show version
1 serial interface
1 channelized T1/PRI port
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ShenAuthor Commented:
sorry card type T1 0 ?  for a second card?
ShenAuthor Commented:
last question: how can they be setup as one t1 primary and the other backup( att)
What type of router are they going in, and can you confirm what height module you are using?
Is the T1 your WAN link, and do you want  the second T1 to be the backup WAN?
ShenAuthor Commented:
can you elaborate what is the heigth module?
the working t1 ( card type t1 0 2) is going over our microwave , the backup t1 (what we are trying to setup - second ) will be provided by att.

Yes we want the second t1 to act as a backup.
ShenAuthor Commented:
cisco 2911
Sorry that was a typo on my front, I meant to ask what type it was but that's not really that important.

OK, so i guess that your microwave link attached to the first T1 is your default route, and that both the T1 links will be live at the same time. One way you could do it is to have 2 default static routes but with different preferences as shwon here

ip route
ip route pref 5

The second command will give the second static route lower routing priority so will only populate the routing table after the first route is removed, which will happen in the first T1 link goes down.
ShenAuthor Commented:
The routers are doing eigrp and ppp.
Sorry I had assumed that you were talking about internet WAN connections rather than point to point links over leased lines.

I'm not an EIGRP expert as I mainly have experience with OSPF and BGP, but I know it's useful on low bandwidth links. From what i understand EIGRP works out the best routing path depending on bandwidth and delay on the routing paths, thus it should workout which route is "better", though it might of course figure that your AT&T backup line is the best!

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ShenAuthor Commented:
I found another configuration and they use the delay command under the interface
ShenAuthor Commented:
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